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May, 2014

  1. Science food chain of Aligator gar

    May 27, 2014 by 20chapmanh

  2. Tout pour la rentrée

    May 15, 2014 by 20chapmanh

    1. What is the relationship between Julie and Mme Pelletier? How do you know?

    The relation ship between Julie and Mme Pelletier is family. we now that because Julie was calling her mom.

    2. Where are they?

    At the shop.

    3. What are they doing there?

    They were checking out what she needs for school and at the shop they were arguing about the back pack. She wanted a green one but her mother wanted her to get red.

    4.Why does Julie need a calculator?

    She needs a calculator for algebra that translates her word

    5.What is Mme Pelletier’s main concern?

    That the red back pack is cheeper so she wants her to by a cheeper one

    6.What do you think of Julie’s decision at the end of Pas question!?

    I don’t think it was the best choice to make because She would lose things and would also drop things and break them.



    1. Julie
    2. Julie
    3. mère
    4. Julie
    5. Julie
    6. Julie


    1. ask what someone needs?

    Alors, qu’est-ce qu’il te faut?

    2.tell what you need?

    Eh bien,…

    3.get a salesperson’s attention?

    Pardon, mademoiselle

    4.ask the price of something?

    C’est combien?

    5.say you like or prefer something?

    Moi, j’aime mieux ce

    6.say you don’t like something?

    Je n’aime pas ce rouge.

    1. Mme Pelletier asks Julie what she needs for school.
    2. Mme Pelletier asks a salesperson if she has any pencil cases.
    3. Mme Pelletier asks the price of a box of colored pencils.
    4. Mme Pelletier asks the price of a calculator.
    5. Julie points out a bag she likes.
    6. Julie says she will go to school without a bag.

    I think she goes without her bag and reallizes how hard it is so she beggs her mom for 1

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