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Why do we read?

December 13, 2014 by 20chapmanh   

Have you ever thought about this question “Why do we read?” I think we read for a few reasons I think to relax, have fun and gain knowledge. I love to read if you are wondering. I usually read fantasy books. I like percy jackson series season 1 and 2, How to train your dragon series, harry potter series, Tales of dark and grimm series, 39 clues series and more. Will lets get started.


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I definitely read to relax. I always like to read when relaxing because It is a good thing to do when you are not doing anything. It is the same thing  that people do but except I am not watching TV and having fun but reading books and having fun. One thing I can tell you is it is probably really boring book you are reading if you start to fall a sleep. Don’t keep on reading the book if you are about to fall asleep 10 seconds later. ok, ok, maybe you are very sleepy to be able to sleep in 10 seconds but I think if you are falling asleep in 5 minutes time I don’t think it is the best fit for you. Anyway the point is I read to relax.


Ok. I hate it when this subject comes on about reading is boring. people think it is boring because they read a 1000 page big fat factbook that is so annoying to read that your teacher told you to read. That is the boring way of gaining knowledge. I think we gain knowledge by reading good book that is the right size with you and is easy to read. I used to hate books because our teacher says ok you have to read tell this page in this specific date. I don’t like reading books when people tell me to read the books I only like to read a book that I like. I need some advice sometimes but I do not like people telling me when and how much I have to read. I repeat I do not like people telling me when and how much I have to read.


The last thing is of course To HAVE FUN!!!!!! I generally like to read. This is a good site to keep track of what you have read. It is free I repeat because this is very important it is freee!!!!

Check the link below



other peoples idea

other peoples idea


This is all the answers to the question  why do we read? thank you for reading!

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  1. 20rabbanii says:

    It’s nice how you put personal feelings and thoughts, the way you wrote may influence a person to like reading if they don’t. The links are informational and relates nicely with your post. I’m like reading overall but your point of veiw made it seem even nicer to read. How do you use Shelfari?

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