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August, 2015

  1. La famille

    August 26, 2015 by 20chapmanh

    button-1-p0-wTu as compris?

    Réponds aux questions suivantes surSympa, la famille!

    1. What are Isabelle and Thuy talking about?
      1. Thuy likes looking at photos and isabell also those to. So now they are looking at Isabel’s family.
    2. Does Isabelle have brothers or sisters? If so, what are their names?
      1. Isabelle has a brother name Alexandre
    3. How many cousins does she have?
      1. 3 cousins
    4. Who are some of the other family members she mentions?
      1. uncle, 2 aunts, her mother’s brother and her wife,
    5. How does Isabelle feel about her family? How can you tell?
      1. not so well because in the end she says “Tu as de la chance” which means lucky.
    Vrai ou faux?
    1. Julie a huit ans.
      1. Vrai
    2. Julie est blonde.
      1. faux
    3. Les cousins d’Isabelle habitent à Paris.
      1. faux
    4. Tante Véronique n’a pas d’animaux.
      1. faux
    5. Thuy a un frère.
      1. faux

    button-3-p0-wQuelle photo?

    1. b
    2. a
    3.  c
    4. d

    button-4-p0-wCherche les expressions

    1. Je puex
    2. C’est son
    3. C’est…
    4. Elle est adorable.
    5. Il/Elle a… ans
    6. Il est parfois pénible.



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