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Drama comedy reflection

June 5, 2016 by 20chapmanh   

1.What influenced the development of your character? Was it a visiting artist? (Phillipe or Rene) Was it a well known comedian? Was it something we did in class? (slapstick, hats, walks, tricks) Did you think about your own personality?

I got influenced by Phillipe the guest that came over few weeks ago. He told us about how we can do an open character and a closed character. Also he told us by combining these two makes a very interesting character. I really got inspired when he showed me how to do a character that would fit in to me. Also the other person Rene helped us with the comedy routine. This made our routine more interesting and fun to watch because the scene needed to be more organized to tell the situation.

2. What feedback to you receive about your character and comedy routine? How did make changes based on feedback?

I got  feedback from Mrs. Ericson that our comedy routine was hard to understand especially for small kids. So we ended up making the scene more simpler so it is easier for them to understand. Also I did not have almost any involvement with the scene so I needed to be more involved in it. That is why I am being more talkative in the scene and am bugging the people.


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