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Trash in space

June 7, 2016 by 20chapmanh   

I looked at the article that was called “trash in space” that was an article made by Dolasia sona published on Dogonews on March 20th 2012. This article was explaining how the trash in space are going cause environmental and political problem in the future. First the article explains that we left rockets in space and they are falling to earth. The article tells a example in 1997 when “a main propellant tank from the Delta 2 fell to Earth and landed in Georgetown, Texas, almost intact (unbroken).” This weighed 550 lbs and made a 30ft. crater on the ground. Then the article goes on with explaining how scientist are also trying to improve this by building satellites that will hopefully make space more cleaner with less rocket.


In this article they explain how science is being used to tell us more about earth from space but also creating more fear for us. According to NASA, there are currently over 500,000 pieces of man-made trash orbiting the earth at speeds of up to 17,500 miles per hour. This tells us that there are things that we sent for research but never came back and turned into junk. As people have created these junks they will need to clean after themselves. In the article they mention first about the satellite that is developed by the the US-based Star Technology and Research. They say : “the “ElectroDynamic Debris Eliminator” is being designed so that it grabs space trash in a net and pulls it in. … (shortened cause long)” The other project that the swiss scientist has been working on is a janitor satellite called clean space. This one is being designed so that it will take the items off the orbit and throw them back towards earth in such a way that they will (hopefully) burn up as they re-enter the earth’s atmosphere.” these are both how to solve the problem. On the other hand these trash in space will affect the earth by environmental and political ways.


The political and environmental ways that these trash collectors will affect the world is by how they throw the trash down and where they throw it. Sooner or later after the satellites are launched, to go collect the trash in space. But on the other hand the satellite might break or be uncontrollable that this will turn into trash in space. Also if the satellites hit each other in a way that is a bad angle we will have raining space trash. First of all the article told us that there are space trash that fell to earth by crashing into each other. So if something happened like a satellite hit another trash or satellite gets caught by the chain of space trash we will have more problem. This is political problem because the government has made the satellites so they will need to pay the people money for broken houses and buildings and they will also need to rebuild the roads. This will mean more taxes will be needed so everyone will not be happy. Also  there are environmental issues that will occur when the trash falls down into the ocean. The ocean will get more dirty as it is already polluted and the fishes will die wich means the food chain will fall. If this gets worse there will be animals that will be extinct and no one can eat much fish. Thirdly the most biggest question. Even if the satellites that gets created  that makes the junk go back to earth, how would people on earth be able to take care of it?!. The article did mention that there is pieces that can be reused but they only say “Some” and not all of them. How do we plan to do it?


Some vocabularies that were mentioned in the article. space trash: collection of man-made object that are floating around space. These include old satellites, spent rocket stages and small pieces of disintegration, erosion, and collisions. Orbiting: when a celestial object or spacecraft move in (orbit round) usually a star or a planet. Atmosphere: The atmosphere is a gas that surround our planet earth. This keeps the water warm enough to make it liquid and also keeps the strong radiation away from us humans. These were the vocabularies that were mentioned in the article.


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