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Nature VS Nurture

September 27, 2016 by 20chapmanh   

People tend to give the stereotypical gender toys to the gender they judge the person as. This was shown in  an experiment they did in Cambridge University, the adults seem to give the girls the toys that we describe as “Girly” and the boys as “boyish”. In this experiment there was a boy called Caleb who is actually a girls who’s name is Kailey. On the other hand there was a boy named James who dressed up as a girl and the adults played with them but the experimenter did not tell them that they were the guinea pigs. The people who were playing with Kailly gave her the toys that boys will usually play and people playing with James clearly gave him the girls toys to play with. As the narrator says the boys tend to have a harder time than girls because when the boy plays with the girls stuff the adults tend to be more hard on them rather than the girls playing with the boys toy. But the next experiment with monkeys by Professor Hines clearly shows us that the nature also is a thing that makes most boys play with trucks and most girls play with something fluffy. The monkeys showed us that the male monkeys payed more interest in to trucks then the fluffy things. Professor Hines explains that the male species tend to like to play with things that move such as wheels then the ones that just stay still.

I think that this is something that I always tend to do as well. I give the general boy toys to the boys and make a weird face if they play with the girls. As this expirement showed me that the humans ourselves do have some part where we make the kids do or like something but also nature takes part in this cycle. Next time I play with someone, I will try to see what the person is into and wouldn’t judge some one just because there playing with a toy that does not fit their gender.


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