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GCD Wellness – Dance lessons

September 6, 2018 by 20chapmanh   

I have been taking different dance lessons. I do Latin dance at school which is taught by Mr. Mejia and also take Jazz dance lessons outside of school. These lessons are almost every week which gives me physical and social wellness.

Jazz dance and Physical Wellness

Jazz dance is every Wednesday from 7:10~9:00 at night. My teacher is Mrs. Keiko Fukushima who is a dancer and an actress. I have participated in musicals that she also makes every year but I have not joined the performance for about 2 years. I still think that it was a great experience so I would like to join this year. Mrs Fukushima’s lesson first starts with warmups. These warmups get your body moving but also takes in the basic ballet moves which is important for Jazz dance but for other dances as well. Then we move on to steps which are also the basics but it is in a routine where you need to concentrate on remembering the steps. After that, we move into the choreography which is always with cool music. The physical way I can keep my wellness is to be flexible which is hard but it is worth pushing myself. This improves my ability to concentrate on one thing which I think I am lacking in. I have been trying to work on stretching at night and it is working. The way to keep it up is to have the feeling that you want to be able to do it so you can dance like the other great dancers that are in my class. This is something that I want to be able to do because I think dancing in a beautiful form is the best thing you can do to feel happy and good. It is also something that people can praise you for. This also connects to the salsa I am doing in the morning and the ballroom dances I do outside of the school near a place in Kokubunji station.

Latin dance and Social wellness

Latin dance is something I take in School from 8;10~8:55 in the morning before school. Mr Mejia teaches us the pare dance and some of the techniques that are used in the dance. It is really fun and also nice to do in the morning because it wakes me up. This is really good because I am not really good in the morning in the first place. By going to Latin dance, I am also able to talk and trust students I don’t usually talk to from other grades. Trust is something very important in Latin dance because this is a dance that requires pairs to pair up with a person you don’t know and follow how the lead takes us. This connects to social wellness because we are able to talk and dance with someone that you usually don’t and create a new communication through dance.


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