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  1. My goal for the semester

    January 14, 2014 by 20chapmanh

    My goal for the semester


    The thing I had done last year that was important to me was to make the poster of the humanities project. this was a very special thing to me because I had tried my best on it to get a good grade. I changed by doing my poster off of the computer when mostly I have done it on computer. My life changed because that made me stop using my computer for posters. This is very important because I think now I could do a better poster. now I really enjoy it.

    My first goal is to stop reading when walking. This goal is important to me because I have been always reading the book when walking and I am afraid that I am going to fall off the platform. The benefits of achieving this goal are I think this is a good goal to reach so I won’t fall off the platform or fall down the stairs. and If I can do it I can have a pet because that shows that I was being responsible with my things I do. I would like to achieve this goal by march because it might take a long time because I am always having at least one book in my bag so I want to do something with that as well.The steps I will take to achieve this goal are the first step is to stop reading when walking and stop carrying too much books in my bag.

    My second goal is to not use too much money. This goal is very important because I want to have a pet so I need money for that as will as I also want the diving license so I can go diving in the ocean and start doing things like that.  The good thing about achieving this goal is to show that I could be a good person to save money.I will also Like to achieve the goal by not spend my money is the way I am going to reach my goal.


    I think I had achieved my first goal. I think I did a good job because the thing that I had done was not as good as I thought it was a hard thing but with my friends supported me. I also achieved the seconded goal

  2. Humanities with Minecraft

    January 6, 2014 by 20chapmanh

    We had learned things about Minecraft:

    1. Define the biome and its climate. What makes it different from other biomes?

    The average temperature of the forest is about 50 degrees F. The average amount of rainfall in the forest is 30 to 60 inches a year. As the seasons change, so do the colors of the leaves of the deciduous. During the winter months water is generally not available to keep the leaves of some plants alive. Therefore, the leaves of some plants fall off and grow back in the spring. Those plants, like evergreens, keep their leaves during the winter have special adaptations to stay alive. You can learn more about the vegetation of deciduous biomes.


    1. Describe the biome’s plant and animal life. How have the plants and animals adapted to fit the biome?

    Precipitation in the temperate deciduous forest is spread throughout the year. However, during the winter months it is usually frozen and unavailable to animals. Animals living within this biome must adjust to cold winters and hot summers. Leaves generally fall off in the fall, leaving animals with less cover to hide themselves from predators. Also in the deciduous forests are such animals as black bears, brown bear, fox and Aspic Viper.


    In the deciduous forest there are many flowers like the passion berry and the blue lily. There are many other flowers but those are some of the main ones.

    The Deciduous forest does not have much vegetation but there are many trees that contain outrageous amounts of flowers. Animals need these trees because they provide shelter and

    some use them for food and even water from the leaves. The trees adapt to this forest by having thick bark barriers on the trees to keep the animals out and the trees from dying.

    1. List some good examples of places where this biome is found on the Earth.

    Deciduous biomes are located primarily in the eastern half of the United States, Canada, Europe, parts of Russia, China, and Japan.


    1. Describe – What real buildings are good examples of traditional life in this biome? Who built them and when? (add some pictures and sources if possible)

    The people who lived in the forest which was the ainu people. They lived in hokkaido and they live in a house. there is lots of snow there in the winter so they have a pointy top.

    1. Explain – what features of the building show that the people adapted to live in that particular biome?

    the windows don’t have any glass and there is only the sticks that stop the big things coming in but they also they have a shutter that will shut the window. They have a very cozy fire place in the middle of the house. The fireplace they use is not only fireplace but also for cooking and also when they go to bed they leave it on to get warm they will get lie on the futons and sleep around the fire place.

    1. (Extra credit /Early finishers:) How would you design a new house or other living space for living well in this biome? What special features, materials, etc. would it have, and why?


    1. Make a blueprint / chart / map of your design. Show the features that will help the house fit in the biome.


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