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  1. investigate reflection

    June 11, 2014 by 20chapmanh


  2. Tutorial reflection

    April 25, 2014 by 20chapmanh

    Tutorial of how to find a book in the library!


    Hello every one. Have you seen my tutorial yet? I think you will like it if you like reading and also going to the library. This tutorial is about How to find a book in the library. If  you haven’t watched it you should watch this. This are some of the people that I liked Elena’s blogCeci’s blog and Reina’s blog



    We had wrote a criteria in class. This was a tip that we had done so when making tutorial we could do it. The tutorials were not that easy but having this list was really good to have. For example when the criteria helped me when I did not know how to do my idea and when I looked at the tutorial I thought that Is a good word! step by step. That was the word that helped me the most. That was the key word to a really good tutorial. If you’re are making a tutorial it is really good to have that key word. The criteria Connects to my tutorial because I need to have what I need for my tutorial



    I think watching other peoples tutorial was the best part. I think to extend your thought I watched some good tutorial and I thought the best one for drawings were fun to draw. The person is really talented and passionate about how she draws and how she makes the tutorial. I think I got a lot of advice from her. For drawing we could do  like putting the picture on one side and putting the finished product on the other side so when you are drawing you could be talking or point at the pictures.


    My challenge was to actually speak to the camera. I was really good at talking but figured out that I was not really good. I got the places but the camera did not pick it up. I wanted to do this but I was not aloud to do but I think I could of got a better camera. I think I could record it later but I could not hear my self so I could not record again. I think another challenge was to edit. I erased some places That I did not want so had to restart  every thing. When I ran out of Ideas I was not happy. That was what was challenging.


    After all I have done with every thing I still like my tutorial and I will like you to watch it if you haven’t watched it.

  3. The tutorial plan reflection

    March 15, 2014 by 20chapmanh

    Recently in Technology Class, we are working on how to make a tutorial. As you know I recently posted another post about the investigate stage on my blog. We have been working on other things too. I think we have been working productively and have fun about what is coming next. I think I did a good job planing and I think we talked about it in class we are starting our tutorial.a

    At our class, we have been talking about things that we need in our tutorials. I think a lot of thing is needed in the tutorial but I think these are the ones I really think we need the most for my tutorial.

    Tips is the first one that I think I will have in my tutorial. I will Advice other things that you can do and suggest them. I will make the skill easier with examples on how to do it.

    The second thing I will do is to do with my voice. I think I can have a clear voice but actually doing with a camera is not as easy as I thought. I have to make my voice clear, expressive voice with modulation. All though on top of that I need  to adjust my voice too because I am filming in the library.

    The third thing I want to word on is to edit the video. I don’t want a tutorial that no one will watch me do. I think I can do a better job now that we had done some work on with our work in class witch was to watch tutorials and do all the things I have reflected on. I thing I can probably edit my video to make it awesome.

    I think   what make me say my tutorial is good is when I make it and understand it my self and tell another person to do it. The other person would of course know me and I will tell she/he to watch the tutorial and try it her/him self. I want to ask them what I could improve and what she/he likes about it. That Is when I know my tutorial is clear and easy to understand. I think teaching a person is hard as teaching a person from a screen. I think the viewer will know what kind of things that could show my understanding and things like that too.

    I think I need to learn more things about Green screen. I think I could put things that is more interesting such as Green screen. I know what green screen is. It is a special thing that people can use to make there background more interesting. I think by working on the background and making it funny or more spooky or even more strate . I think by trying to do new and cool things will help me do thing.

    All that I had learned I think I done a good job of planing and learning about tutorials and can probably make my tutorial awesome.


  4. Areas of interaction

    February 22, 2014 by 20chapmanh

    This was our next thing with the tech homework that we had done. We were investigating things about the teachers and they were asking us few questions.

    I think what makes a good teacher is that they show you what you need to know in front of the class so that is how we as students know how and what we need to do. I think a great teacher will have students use the knowledge and understanding that students have. The teacher will tell you what you need to do and they will help the students do things that they can’t do and to show how to do things step by step. They also advise the student too and they try to help homework or task that you don’t understand, they offer resources to help students understand or solve the problem by them selfs. I think a Great teacher can do these things smoothly and nicely.

    I think The Area of Interaction that fits this unit best is community and service. tutorials provide a service to the greater community by providing knowledge to the community. people in the community learn how to do something that they never did or didn’t know. By learning they could also teach other people, and also use it as a resource in there lives. They can teach there kids and friends and even sometimes get a job. So that is how the community and service connects to our unit.

    In this investigation I learned that tutorials can be helpful for the community by making people able to do things that they have they weren’t able to do before. They in turn can teach other people things and help improve there community.

    Areas of Interaction Graphic

  5. investigate reflection

    February 5, 2014 by 20chapmanh

    In the homework from my tech We had researched about the tutorial and this was my favorite. sadly this video’s owner said no embedding so If you want to see it please click on the link.

    How to draw a cute cartoon cat

    This are the reasons why they where so good.The creator was really good at the talking because her voice was very strong.She used simple words. That means we draw a really good cat.She said the word “cute” a lot. This was good because your feelings gets really good.

    The bad part about this video. She was kind of fast. This wasn’t helpful because I couldn’t follow.She did not show the made thing so I could not see what will happen at the end so if there was a drawing of what we are going to draw.

    I learned from watching a lot of tutorial few things. The first thing I learned was there is the creativity and doing a creative thing is very important because If you for example make a movie and If it is not creative it would not be fun to watch and you will not make any money  and also you will just loose money and people will complain but If you make a creative tutorial that is very interesting than people will love to watch it. that is why we make a intresting and creative tutorial。

    I learned from this investigation how to make a good tutorial. You will have to think about lots of things but I think that some people did not speak clearly so that was kind of thing that I will have to work on. I also think I should work on the angle of the camera because I had seen bad tutorials with good angles and good tutorial with a very bad angles. I think lots of tutorials are good at angles but some are not easy to see.

    My friends also had done Sayo and Vienna

    Now that I stated to watch good tutorials I am still wondering how to make a tutorial interesting. I said creative thing at the top but I am wondering what is creative?. I think It means to have a lot’s of thing that makes my thing so interesting. I think I want to know more about where people get those Ideas from.

    My presentation

  6. How to make a tutorial

    January 28, 2014 by 20chapmanh

    In technology we did a practice tutorial and had lot’s of fun with it. I made a tutorial that was about how to download a thing on the chrome store and me and my partner had also good time. My partner wanted me to put dora on fire and I was not going to do that. In stead I actually wanted to take my partner and set him on fire. I couldn’t fool him anyway….

    I kept my thing step by step and added the pictures that will show  the thing I was trying to show. I had to show every step nice and steady and be patient so I could tell the message to my partner.

    I designed it good to make it with lot’s of picture so little words and attracting. I think I did a good job on it.

    It was easy to make a presentation on the google presentation.  I just go there and click on the
    presentation  button on it.

    all the work I have done was probably good because I did a good job on it.

  7. How to draw a cute cartoon cat

    January 15, 2014 by 20chapmanh

    In the homework from my tech We had researched about the tutorial and this was my favorite.

    sadly this video’s owner said no embedding so If you want to see it please click on the link.

    How to draw a cute cartoon cat

    This are the resons why they where so good.The creator was really good at the talking because her voice was very strong.She used simple words. That means we draw a really good cat.She said the word “cute” a lot. This was good because your feelings gets really good.

    The bad part about this video. She was kind of fast. This wasn’t helpful because I couldn’t follow.She did not show the made thing so I could not see what will happen at the end so if there was a drawing of what we are going to draw.

    so if you like cats or cartoons try it!!!!!

  8. My blog reflection

    December 5, 2013 by 20chapmanh

    As far as I am concerned the thing that I am doing with my blog is awesome I really like my theme and it is so cool. I like how I can learn how to make my blog improve a lot. I learned lot of skills about how to improve my blog.

    Are you happy with the way your blog looks right now (the theme)? Why or why not?

    I am very happy with my blog and I am enjoying my self. the thing I am doing that is very fun for me is that I am actually improving by changing my blog every time I change the theme of my blog I all ways have a good time using the pictures around and I really like that because as a blogger the thing you can do is a lot but I actually like the fact that I am changing my thing each season and having fun to play around with the photo. I think it is very interesting thing to know. I really like the fact that I am changing my blog around.

    What are you most proud of on your blog? Why?


    my problem with my blog is that the thing that is kind of hard to replace or edit. I know I have lots of things that is distraction but when I start doing my thing to delete it feels like which one should I keep and witch one should I not keep. That is the most problem with my blog.

    I think that my blog is improving. I enjoy the fact that I am doing good on it.

  9. Plan Reflection

    November 21, 2013 by 20chapmanh

    In class I was working on designing my blog for class. The thing I need to know about designing a blog is my passion and something I like.

    I chose to design the blog like this because I wanted to be realistic with my drawings. This dose not look too much realistic but some day I will like to  build up on this to make it a similar and realistic as possible and some how make the thing real. I will love to see my blog like that

    Hana C

    I thought what dose represent me? I like animals and I like dancing but I don’t know how to mix that to gather but I always wanted to do a thing that I will be happy about. I wanted to show my parents what I want and what I will be In the future. The thing I was really interested about this project was that How to design things. I actually was happy about what I did. I am actually liking this but I still like my blog I have know

    I will want to learn how to grow my blog by actually doing thing that will grow my blog. for example… I will like to grow it by comments. I will change a little bit how to talk. I mite put more comments in it. I will try to do as much as possible with my writing. also I will change my mouse and as the season  go by I will like to make the thing that are matching with the season. like for january snowy winter type of background and in the summer a summer background in the winter if it is geting close to christmas I will make it a christmas background.

  10. Investigate Reflection

    October 18, 2013 by 20chapmanh

    Our class got a blog as you know. We had done some research about our blog. Like how to post a comment how to do a wediget. It was actually not as easy as you are thinking. this unit was all about doing researches. Not just resarching about zebra or anything. ( we actually did not research about zebras) We had to research about the blog and my technology skills.

    this was one of the Questions:
    How will your blog represent you, your passions and interests, and your learning at YIS?
    This is a good thing to sake because I can present my passion by what I post. like for example. I like cats. ( I actually like them better than dogs but I like hamsters the best.) Will anyway if I post some pictures of them or if I write an article about it people will understand my passion is. Another example is that I like those thing that you make those faces with the computer things. This is some of my faces
    (()o()) (0o0) (!o!) (*o*) (@o@) (WoW) (PoP) (^-^) (#o#) ($o$)V (T_T)
    This is some of the things I use so I won’t have to write any words like YOLO and OMG. Those are not really for blog for public or especially for the schools.

    The criteria that we are using is our own classes. 6A. this is the most important to us because if you see other peoples things it my not have the same thing.

    I will remember to do About Me and explain but do not post to much about it. Balanced by not  putting only things I like but to put my school things too.Regular posts I will not forget to post some thing every two days.

    The thing I learned in this hole thing is that blogs are very easy and the best tools to use to present what you were doing at school or some thing that is your passion.

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