IASAS Conference- Global Understanding


In november 2017 I was able to attend a conference held in the Bangkok United Nations center as a part of a Model United Nations member. During the 4 days in Bangkok, I was able to experience and see different characteristics of the world. While I was in Bangkok I started being aware of how privileged I am. Also, while debating about few different world issues from the lense of different countries it has allowed me to grow as a global citizen as I was able to learn what different countries think like. This conference has challenged me to explore different perspectives with unfamiliar nations such as Nicaragua about world issues that I haven’t thought about such as the use of AIs.


During this conference I represented Saudi Arabia which was a country that I had not understanding in. In this conference I was part of the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) where we debated about 3 different issues: 1)  Regulating autonomous weaponry 2) The use of private military companies by nation states and ensuring accountability for crimes committed by contracted security forces 3) Measures to ensure international cooperation to combat transnational ordinance smuggling. Before going to the conference I researched about Saudi Arabia’s stance in my topic to write a position paper and thought of few resolution clauses. I started the first day of the conference nervous and excited. I was nervous about not answer the POI(Point of Information) with the correct answer and not being able to deliver my speech in a clear way that everyone would understand clearly. The day started with every delegate giving a one minute speech on their countries stance on the topic. This gave me confidence at the start of the conference so I was able to ask POI without having worry about being wrong as some of the delegates there helped me out when I was not sure what to say. The conference helped me to improve my debating skills as well as my speech delivering skills.

Position paper


Honourable chairs and esteemed delegates, the delegate of Saudi arabia firmly believes that regulating autonomous weaponry should happen to some extent. Saudi is a top weapon importer and every seven dollars spent on defense imports in 2015 was spent by Saudi Arabia. While saudi is the top weapon importer Saudi has a strict regulation for the citizens to hold weapons.           


In regard to private military companies Saudi Arabia believes that PMC should be used as they can protect the country when in danger.


Lastly, regards to smuggling weapons this delegate believes that the rules for smuggling weapons should be strict to. However, it should be regulated to a certain extent. This year some cooperation smuggled thousands of weapons from Yemen. These people were caught but somehow managed to escape. These kinds of things should not happen again in Saudi Arabia.


This delegate is looking forward to a constructive and fruitful debate that will help reach a mutual solution to the issues at hand.  


From this experience I was able to learn about the differences and similarities in environment, religion, privilege/power. The main thing I was able to learn was about the religion in Saudi Arabia. I was able to learn that Saudi Arabia is a Islamic country so most of the education that children get is related to the belief of the Islam. With the country being Islamic it limits the freedom of women and the men gets to control some of the women’s rights. With the women’s right being controlled it affects their enrolment into school or to some medical treatment. Compared to the country I live in Japan or the country I am from Korea, this is very different. These two countries may not be the most gender equal countries but we don’t it is more equal than Saudi Arabia as it women’s still have their rights and are encouraged to take leadership roles and to step outside their comfort zone and to try their best.        

Kindergarten Visit


In tutor class we went to the kindergarten class to read and play with them. I had two of the kindergarten students. They were very calm but enthusiastic at the same time.  

My partners were risk takers. My partners tried hard to read words that they did not know how to pronounce with some help. For instance, my partner was having a hard time trying to pronounce the word sometimes. Even though she was having a hard time she tried to pronounce each sound. They were also inquired. My partners asked me questions about the meaning of the words that came up in the book. For example, my partner asked me what a swamp was and I was able to explain about it.

I tried to be balanced when reading and playing games with them. This was because I had two partners and I didn’t want any of my partners to feel left out. I wanted them all to feel included. For instance, while I was reading them the books I asked both of my partner’s questions about what they thought would happen throughout the book.  

I was also tried to be a communicator and talk more with my partners about what they want to do. For example, I kept asking them if they wanted to other activities or if they wanted to continue doing the same activity to make sure that they liked what they were doing.   

This experience for me I think was a good way to connect with elementary students that we never get to talk to. For the next visit I would like to more of a thinker and a knowledgeable person and teach my partners new, fun and unique activities that they can do in their own time as well.     

How does memory work?


In class we have been talking about memory and how it works. I have read a text by ScienceDaily about memory and here is what I have learnt.

New Vocabulary

neurotransmitter- a chemical substance that is released by a nerve fibre which allows signals to travel across.

long-term potentiation- long lasting strength of synapses between nerve cells.

Cognitive- process of gaining knowledge

deteriorate- to wear away

impairment- being weakened


Memory is created when the neurons communicate through synaptic connection with each other when neurotransmitter are there. However, they only connect when they get the same stimulus from the same neurotransmitter. The strength can vary which changes the how strong the memory is formed. A memory is created if the long term potentiation(LTP) is sustained. This happens when each nerve cells talk to each other at an elevated rate. The brain starts to lose it’s memory when the neurons start to decrease and don’t connect as much as they used to before. This is just like our muscles in the body. When we don’t use the muscles for a very long time they start to gradually lose their strength and weaken their strength.

Nigata expedition reflection


For this years expedition I went to Nigata. In this trip we went on a 3 days hike. img_0813-x3

The two main things we were focusing on during this trip was resilience, self reliance, leader ship and relationship. While hiking I was trying to keep these words in mind. My first goal for the hike was to not give up and keep motivated to finish the 3 day hike. My second goal was to be able to help some people not just when hiking but also when we got to the camp site. I think that I was able to achieve my first goal. It is because during the hike I didn’t think about wanting to go back and I was trying to be motivated by telling myself that this is a new experience so enjoy everything around you. By telling myself this I was able to motivate myself to go faster because I wanted to see what was coming up next. I think that I could have achieved this goal a bit more better. It is because during the hike I was not able to help out as much I was expecting. However at the campsite I think that I was able to help quite a bit. After I was done setting up the tent I was able to help other group put up their tent and I was also able to help people clean up their plates after dinner. niigata-expedition-2016-6384-sniigata-expedition-2016-6216-xlniigata-expedition-2016-6352-s

After the hike when we were doing the boardering I was able to be a risk taker and go up the wall and achieve it until the top of the wall. I was proud of what I was able to do. When we were doing the second activity where we had to do a lot of group work I think that I was good at cooperating and thinking about a solution together as a group.niigata-expedition-2016-2-1060850-l

Also during this expedition I was able to learn about myself. I was able to learn that I like to talk to people around me when I am tired or annoyed so I let out my stress. I also learned that I was able to learn that I was able to live without my phone next to me 24 hours. At first I thought I was going to have a hard time living without my phone because I always look at my phone everyday but I was fine without it and had a lot of fun with the people around me making new friends from other grade.

By going to this expedition I think that I was able to learn a lot of new concepts about the things around me. Also I was able to learn new things about myself which helped me understand who I am better and how I should think about myself.

Nature VS Nurture


Nature VS Nurture has been one of the topic of our new unit Physiology. Nature means what we can already do without being taught. For example, being able to blink your eyes is a natural thing because we we naturally able to do this since the day we were able to open our eyes. Most physical characteristics are nature based. Nurture means what you have been taught by the surrounding around you such as from your parents and friends. For example, how to be able to eat with a chopstick is a nurture thing because I wasn’t able to use the chopstick instantly when I saw them.

Is our behaviour dictated by our gender or environment around us? 

One of the biggest thing that dictates our behaviour is gender. A study was done in Cambridge University. Adults were handed a baby to look after. All of the adults tested automatically suggested the stereotypical toys to the child. So for the boys they mainly gave them the trucks and the airplanes. Whereas for the girls they were given toys such as dolls. This means from a young age the children are brought up in a certain way which makes them act in a certain way. Also adults more strictly discourage boys to play with dolls. Adults play a bit role in the nurture part of teaching the children but what about the nature part. There was another test done in Woburn Safari park by Professor Melissa Hines at the Cambridge University using monkeys who haven’t been socialized. The professor laid down a couple of toys such as firetrucks, airplanes and few dolls for the monkeys to choose from. As a result the female monkeys went to grab for the feminine toys and same for the other gender.

In conclusion, there is no right or wrong answer to whether behaviour is affected by nature or nurture. In solution behaviour is affected by both a combination of nature and nurture.

Drama comedy reflection


1. What influenced the development of your character? Was it a visiting artist?


My character was influenced with the help of Phillipe. Phillipe helped me to be more into my character. He also helped me with my facial expression when I was talking. He helped me with my walk when I enter the stage. These advices helped me to be more into character and helped my character come to real life.


2. What feedback to you receive about your character and comedy routine? How did make changes based on feedback?

Our ending was not that interesting so we struggled with it. However with the help of Rene it has helped our routine to have more of an happy and interesting ending. After getting the feedback our group started to combine our original idea with the new ideas. By combining the ideas it helped us to be more interesting until the end.

English Unit 3 reflection


I used to think that learning about the different perspectives would not change the way people look at the world. Whereas after learning about how to be more open minded and how to listen to each different perspectives my thinking as changed. Now I think that by knowing the different perspectives it helps to be more open minded and to learn more about the things around us. Also I have learned that it helps us to be more inquired about life. 6b982e3d1cf7368f1b1f2e849e85019e

“Buffini & Company.” Pintrist. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 May 2016. <https://www.pinterest.com/pin/314126142729895984/>.


Spanish reflection- Unit 4


There are few things I have learnt thought the whole unit. The first thing I have learnt is how to use commands. The second thing I  have learnt is how to conjugate in the future tense. The last thing I have learnt in this unit is how to use the reflective.

Through this unit I was able to learn some new learning habits that were useful. The game called password we played in class was very useful. It is because it helped me to figure out if I really knew that new vocabulary or not.

My goal for the next unit is to be able to study constantly at home so that I don’t forget the new things I have learnt in class.

History of Comedy


The word comedy originated from the Greek word κωμῳδία kōmōidía. The word comedy meant stage plays with happy ending. 


Timeline of Comedy 

425 BCE

Comedy started because of this guy named Aristophanes. He wrote about 40 plays.Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 20.29.10

16th Century

Then in the Shakespeare started to make a bit more modern comedy. His comedy routine still had happy endings but it involved marriages between the unmarried characters. This was when Mr. Punch was first made. Mr-Punch-by-Guy-HigginsThis was when Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel and Dan Leno. imgresThis is a photo of Charlie Chaplin.

This was also when clowning started. At this time the clowns did not have a real part in the play. The clown just kept on continuing the jokes and the tricks. With the help of Shakespeare clowns started to have more parts during the play. The role of the clowns were to ease the tension.

18th Century

Melodrama is a drama has very exaggerated plot and characters. This helps create emotion. They mostly have stereotypical characters. Melodrama was mostly based on Good VS. Evil. Melodrama still exists in the current days.

20th century

The T.V was invented and comedy became more and more popular though silent comedy films. The film Mr. Bean became very famous. url


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3 unit reflection


In unit 3 I have learned a few things and was able to develop my spanish.The first thing I have learned is how to conjugate the direct object pronouns, the indirect object pronouns and the reflexive pronouns. The second thing I learned is variety of complex transitions and describing words. Before I only used words like bien, tambien, malo, grande, pequeno but now I am able to use words such por ejemplo, sin embargo, próximo, seco and many more. The last thing I have learned is how to prepare in depth for a test. I learned how to use the brain frame idea to write down what I know and what I need to know better.

The questions I have is what is the easiest way to remember how and when to use the indirect and direct object pronouns and how I can show these in my writing tasks and how more can I make my sentences more complex with only making few errors.

During this unit I think that I was able to be more of a risk taker and write what I have learned in my writings but still making mistakes. I was able to learn my studying types throughout this unit. I found out that I do better when I study alone in a quiet space and when I write things down and read them outloud to myself I remember better.

My goal for the next unit is to be able to make a schedule for my Spanish studying dates and study the things I have learned in class and the things I struggle in.