First day in Hakuba

It has been long that I did not write. Its because I went to Hakuba with the whole grade. The first day we left school around 7:00. The bus ride was about 5 hours but don’t worry, we had 3 rest stopes so it was not that much of a trouble. Actually I had a lot of fun in the bus with my friends. When we got there we did a little orientation games to get to know a little bit  more about the surroundings. After we where done with all of the games we had to put up our tent for the first night. It was not that hard then I thought. After we had diner. For diner we had pasta with mash potato which was good. Then we had a campfire. We sang a lot of campfire songs and we drank hot chocolate with marshmallows which was so good but I got sick after eating 4 of them.Then we went to sleep.  

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