The second day at HAKUBA.

So on the second day we had two activities. The activities were rock climbing and canoeing. There was two groups. One group started with rock climbing and the other group started with canoeing. I was in the group who started with rock climbing. I was kind of scared but I tried to be a RISK TAKER= by trying rock climbing because it was my first time doing it but it was not that scary and it was very fun. After my group went canoeing. We had to be in a group of three so I was with my friends Sayo and Sae. I was in the middle and sae was in the back and Sayo was in the frount. We never fell in the water. We played balls and we got to swim but the water was so cold I was not able to swim. After we canoed back. When we were going back my group I think canoed a bit better then when we where going up there. Then after we finished all the activities we went to the hotel. The hotel was very big. The girls had a second floor but the boys did not. The hotel ride was not that long.

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