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In our technology class we learned  how to make a blog. I will tell you what I will do to represent my blog like me and my passion as well. I will also tell you what three things I think are important in a blog and how I will try to achieve the three criteria.


I will try to post new posts about what I learn everyday so other people know what we learn at our school. I will try to represent myself by making a new pages with about me. I will aslso make to background color like my passion. I will try to show my passion by writing about my passion often

If you want to make a nice blog for the reader to read and understand easy this are the three important things that I think is important when trying to make a post or a blog.

I think it is important to stay on topic. It is because if you do not stay on topic it would be harder for the reader to understand  your topic or you’r passion but if you want to write about another topic you should make a new categories and write but if you just writ in one blob it will be hard for the reader to understand. The second most important thing for me is to write a post like once a week or so because if you do not the reader will have to read the same thing over and over and they would not like you’r blog anymore and stop reading but if you keep on adding new posts the reader will get interested and will keep on checking out you’r blog almost everyday.The third important thing is to put photos so people would not get board just reading also so the reader would understand a bit better with the photos if you can not explain clearly will with words.


I have learned new things so I will try to follow them to make a better blog and for the reader to enjoy my blog. To check to see if i am do all the things I said in this blog post, I will look the the blog and see whats missing and check. I would also go and ask a friend to see if I am doing the things correctly or not.

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  1. I’m glad you have some great ideas for what you want your blog to look like! I’m excited to read your posts every week 🙂

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