3 Day at Hakuba

On the third day we went hiking. When we got near the hiking place we played at the playground near there for 20 minutes. There was 2 dogs coming hiking with us.  We had to go up for 3 hours and eat lunch up at the top for 1 hour and come down for 1 hour. I thought going up would be hard but it was fun. we had a little rest at the top little by little. There was two small mountains. When the steps got stepper there was a rope to hold on so it helped a lot. when we got on the top we at our lunch which was curry. It was so good. Then we came down.When we came down we went to a field and we played there for a hour or so. We played volleyball, jumprope, and throw the hey. I petted the dogs. When I did the dogs fell a sleep.

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