Plan Reflection

In class we made three blog designs. Then we had to choose the one we think that represent you. Then we had to choose one of  the design from the blog themes.  After we had to write a little explanation of why you choose this drawing.

I choose this one because it represents me. the colors mean happiness to me and I am always happy and bright also because I like to look at the star at night and just wonder around, and I like to keep things simple so it is not hard to read.

Hyun Seo

I think I will need to learn how to make my blog clearer for the readers to read. I will also have to learn how to make widgets and how to put the little words at the top. I will ask Ms.Cofino or a friend who knows to learn the things I am not sure of.  This are the things I will need to learn to make a good blog.

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  1. I’m glad you have some good ideas to grow your blog Hyon Seo! I’m looking forward to seeing how you develop your blog – especially the posts you will write regularly to engage your audience!

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