My Second day of Winter vacation

OMG!!!! It is already winter break. I can not believe already one semester of school has finished. Now I would like to tell you what I did on the second day of my winter vacation. I started with the second day because I did not do anything fun on the first day. So I went to Hakone with my mom and dad. I got ther at around 5:30. When we got there the first thing we did was get in the onsen. It felt so good. After we had dinner. There was a lot things to eat and it was delicious. This is the main things I did. Before going to Hakone I went to my dads office and played around.

Create Reflection

In Technology class we are trying to make our trying to make our blog prefect by changing the background, widgets and other things so the blog os much easier to read and see.

I think I am happy with how my blog looks. It is because my background color and the theme it the way I want it to look like. I also like how my post look like when I publish them for people to see. The second most thing I like about my blog is that my blog has a menu bar. It is a bit sad to know that there is no header on my background theme. As you may see on this screenshot photo this is how my blog looks like.



The most thing I like about my blog is that the background represents who I am. It is because I want my readers to strately see who his person is. It is because the blog color is the color I like light blue the most. Also because the color of the background is not that disturbing and it is easy to read and look at.

I think I need to improve on adding some posts on my own because I only did one post on my own in this one week.  I will try to write three posts a week so please keep in touch with this blog.