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Hey guys! In tech class we are learning how to make a video tutorial. To do this we first have to research and find examples. This video was the best one out of 4 that I found.

The video helped me learn how to make a rainbow cake.It helped me learn the technical words for the cooking supplies. I learned to wear white shirts when trying to make rainbow cakes because the die can get on the shirt. I learned that when you are frosting the cake you have to push from the bottom not from the top because if you push from the upper side the frosting thing will pop.

I like how the person explain the things we need in the technical words. It is useful because we might not have the stuff at home but if you know the name you can straitly go to the store and get the exact one.I liked how the person wrote the technical words for use. It was useful because some people might want to buy it from the internet but if they do not know the spelling they might end up buying the wrong one.



They kind of just waited there time when the cake was getting baked because they just said nonsense stuff. I think the person should have not fast forward the time in the middle because it might be a bit hard to keep up with if you are backing and watching at the same time.

  1. From this tutorial I learned that there is a lot of steps into making rainbow cake and that making rainbow cake is kind of hard. Also I learned that you can make rainbow cake that is really high.

    I think this tutorial was good because they made a really cool cake and they were detailed. Another thing that was good was that they told you what supplies and ingredients you needed before hand so you could get ready.

    I think the people in the tutorial were goofing off too much and talking to much about unicorns. Next time they could have not talked so much because when they started talking about unicorns I started to get bored.

  2. Hey Hyun Seo!I really like this tuotrial!Here is my opinion on it!
    In this tutorial I learned how to make a unicorn rainbow cake.I liked this video because they were telling people the ingrediens and the videos angle didn’t keep moving.Her pace was ok.I really like that she didn’t fast foward anything besides the baking part.

    I think that they were talking to much about things that are off topic like selling unicorn meat.I think that they should have talked about cooking or something related to baking other wise people will be confusued and try to find another tutorial.

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