Tutorial Investigation Reflection

From the whole unit I learned that while making a tutorial you have to be carful. I also learned that while making a tutorial you have to speak clearly, don’t block the camera view, be polite and choose the words carefully. This is my  favorit tutorial 

Now I would like to compare and contrast the difference between the practise tutorial I made and  my favourite tutorial.I think the differences are that in a movie tutorial you have to speak but in a written tutorial you have to write, in my tutorial I was not that detailed but in the video tutorial the person was very detailed and organized, in my tutorial I did not say what would go wrong if you did that or that but in  my favorit tutorial they said to do this or that to make it better.The similarities are that you have to be specific, you have to go in order,you need to tell the finished project first, you need to be clear and  you need to be polite of the words you are using.

From the two different tutorials I learned that you have to be clear on what you are saying, you need to tell the  finished project first or else the person doing the thing will have a hard time, you need to be clear, you need to be polite of the words you are using.

This is the friends I watched there video and commented on. Sayo’s blog, Hana.E’s blog and Lent’s blog.  If you click on the names you can see what I said about there favourite tutorial! From these tutorial I learned that you should not waist your time.It is because if the tutorial is very long people would not want to watch it. I also learned not to block the camera view when you are making the video. I learned to speak more clearly.

From this steps I learned how to make a good tutorial that other people will like and keep watching.

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  1. I’m glad you learned so much in this part of the project! You have some great ideas for making your tutorial excellent. I recommend that you come back to this blog post as you start planning your tutorial to make sure you include all of these elements.

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