What makes a great teacher???

Hey guys!!!! In Technology class we learned how to be a good teacher and today I would like to tell you guys what makes a good teacher and why? Also I would like to talk about what Area of Interaction this unit belongs to and why?(Click on the Area of  interaction to see what area of interaction there is.)

I think to be a good teacher you will have to teach the students in a clear, simple and understandable way or else the students would not understand and learn anything new. I also think you will have to be nice to the students and choose the correct words to use when you are talking to them. It is because if you are not nice to the students they might not be nice to you back which will make teaching much harder as teachers. I think you have to choose the correct words when you talk to your students because if you say rude things to them they might be sad and you might have less students as the day passes. I think you will also have to not show likes and dislikes of students. It is because it might hurt the students feelings which is not being a good teacher.


I think that this unit fits best in Health and Social Education. It best fints in this catagory because by doing all this stuff you learn how to be healthy when using the computer. The second reason it best fints in this catagory is because you are using the computer to teach people around the world which is social education.

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