How and Why do we tell Myths?

So in this unit in English class we are learning about the different types and the ways we tell or can tell myths.

The question was why and how do we tell myths?

For me I think myth is a belief  and a fictional story that people believe in and think it is important or don’t believe in. For example, there is a story about a chicken laying a egg and then the next day the egg crack opens. Then the yolk because the sun. Like this example some people may believe in this story but some people might think it’s a fictional and a weird story. I think that we tell myths because it is a fun thing to do with families and friends. For example, if you are having dinner or a sleepover you can tell these kind of story to have fun and laugh at. The second reason I also think we tell myths because myths usually have mythical places or creatures to make the story much interesting and scary. Sometimes we need a reason of why things are made in one specific way and for some people telling a story helps explain. For instance, some people might wonder why the sun and the moon changes places every night. This is when the stories are told to explain the specific things. In myths they have a lot of symbols like this photo here which I think makes the myth more fun to tell. This is a greek myth symbols. symbols_final

People mostly like to tell them at storytelling time but there is a range of ways we can tell myths. For instance, people can tell them in videos like this link here or people can tell by pictures like you see here.theseusminotaur

WHy do you think that people tell myths and how? You should have a think as well.


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