Tutorial Plan Reflection

In Technology class we are going through the process of making a good tutorial video. Today I would like to reflect about what makes a good tutorial.

I think my plan so far meets at least three of the 6A criteria. They are Staying on topic, Step by step and Language. My plan meets the criteria of staying on topic because I only talk about how to make a good photo collage. My plan meets the criteria of Step by step because in the tutorial storyboard I did not miss any step as I drew them. My plan meets the criteria of simple Language because I did not use hard words so that people who is not that good at English can look at the video and learn something new.

I think my tutorial is a good one because I tired to use simple words, I am staying on topic, I don’t skip any step, I try to keep in mind of the length of each clip, I show the finished product first and not last. I will know that my viewers learned if I ask some of my friends to have a look at it and if they say they learnt something that means that I have made a good tutorial but if my friends did not learn anything that means that I have not made it clear for the viewers.

I think you will need to learn how to edit the video to make the video more interesting and unique. I also think that you will need to learn how to video tape the video correctly and awesomely so the video is not boring.

This is what I think my plan is working out as an I think this is the things you will need to learn or keep in mind while making the tutorial.

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  1. I’m glad you are thinking about the class criteria as you are designing your tutorial. I think it will be very important for you to continue looking back at our 6A list to make sure that the work you are doing is the level of quality that we have been talking about in class.

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