My Artist Statement

In Art class we painted someone who you knew the best about. We had to express there personality, feelings, Identity, culture, emotion,Facial Expression, cloth, pose or what they like to do. I wanted to do someone out of my family so I chose my mom because I knew my mom the best. I was able to express her with not much difficulties. I just had to ask her a few questions and straitly I knew what I wanted to do draw and paint.

photo (1)

The title of my painting is Fujimom.

The progress I have made during this unit was panting the background with the things that my mom likes and not just the colors I like.  I have overcome my challenges by trying to figure something out by myself first. If this did not work I asking a friend or the teacher.

I think the weakness for me was to paint the drawing with uniuqness. It is because I did not want the face to look like a actual face of my mom and I wanted to make it look unnique but still express what my mom likes to do.

I think my strength is trying to express my moms personality. It is because I tried to show people what my mom likes to do and her feelings towards it and thats why I drew the heart to show her feelings and the peace mark to show that she becomes peace when she sees thing and dose this kind of things. I used blue for the piano and the peace mark because when she sees the piano she becomes happy and calm and she thinks that blue is a calm colour. I made the background colour colorful because my mom is such a happy and cheerful personality and when I see her she reminds me of a rainbow. I made Mount Fuji red because when my mom sees Mount Fuji she thinks of the colour light red.(I was going to make the red a bit more lighter.)

From this drawing I tried to show my moms personality. I also tried to show what my mom likes to do and how she feels when she dose this kind of things. I was able to all of this things by using colours and objects. I used a range of colours to express my moms personality and the objects to show what she likes to do and how she fells towards this things.

I enjoyed making this painted and I think I could have made it a bit more unique next time but overall I really enjoyed painting and drawing so I had fun.


My tutorial

In Technology class we learnt how to make tutorials. We learnt how to make the tutorial unique and interesting to watch. Here is my tutorial so hope you enjoy 


From the 6A tutorial criteria I think I connected with Steady Camera, Finished product at the start, Language, Stay on topic, Quality Video, Materials, and Background. I think I connected with the steady camera because the video is not shaking or moving around. I think I connected with finished product at the start because in the video I showed the finished product at the start so people know what they are making. I also think that I connected with Language because I did not use hard language and I said all the things in a easy way so that people can understand it faster and easier. I think that I connected with staying on topic because I did not suddenly go of topic and talk about something else. I also connected with quality video because the video was not burred out or anything. I think I connected with materials because I showed at the start what you need to make this. Lastly, I think I connected with Background because there was no background noise so that people could not hear me but the room was quiet so that the people could hear what I am saying. I think I could have made my tutorial better if I added Creativity, Angles, Editing and Time.  I think if I added this I could have made the video a bit more better and interesting for people to watch.


This are the three people I commented on. Haruna, Jan and Julynn. After looking at them I think that I could make my tutorial better by making it unique for people to watch. I also think that if you edit the video for a long time it makes it better.



I think that the challenge for this unit was to make the tutorial unique and fun for the people to watch. It is because sometimes it is hard to find a way to make it unique. I also think the challenging part was to find the things that fits the thing your doing. It is because for example when your doing something quiet but the song is loud it would not match so it would not work which is not going to work out.

Important speech reflection

In drama class we made a speech about our important people in our life and I did my flute teacher because she was the one who gave me confidence to whatever I do. Here is the video.

6A Drama Person Speech09 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I think I could have spoken a bit slower at the begging. I think the volume and the pitch was good. It was not too short or loud. I think I should have paused a bit more in the middle but instead I just went and said things.
I think that I did not move too much. I think I could work a bit more on the facial expression because I had the same straight face for the whole entire speech. I think I could have worked a bit more on the gesture because I just said what I remembered and I did not say the speech like I was talking to the audience.
I think the information and the structure was good. I said when I started flute and how the flute teacher gave me confidence.
I think my best skill was saying the speech with confidence.
I think I will need to work on the facial expression and the pace of how I say it.

6A Drama Person Speech07 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I think Emilee did a good job on making us think what a good mother is. I also liked how she said her hook because she got my attention.

I think Emilee should work more on not moving too much or saying the speech a bit more louder.