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In Technology class we learnt how to make tutorials. We learnt how to make the tutorial unique and interesting to watch. Here is my tutorial so hope you enjoy 


From the 6A tutorial criteria I think I connected with Steady Camera, Finished product at the start, Language, Stay on topic, Quality Video, Materials, and Background. I think I connected with the steady camera because the video is not shaking or moving around. I think I connected with finished product at the start because in the video I showed the finished product at the start so people know what they are making. I also think that I connected with Language because I did not use hard language and I said all the things in a easy way so that people can understand it faster and easier. I think that I connected with staying on topic because I did not suddenly go of topic and talk about something else. I also connected with quality video because the video was not burred out or anything. I think I connected with materials because I showed at the start what you need to make this. Lastly, I think I connected with Background because there was no background noise so that people could not hear me but the room was quiet so that the people could hear what I am saying. I think I could have made my tutorial better if I added Creativity, Angles, Editing and Time.  I think if I added this I could have made the video a bit more better and interesting for people to watch.


This are the three people I commented on. Haruna, Jan and Julynn. After looking at them I think that I could make my tutorial better by making it unique for people to watch. I also think that if you edit the video for a long time it makes it better.



I think that the challenge for this unit was to make the tutorial unique and fun for the people to watch. It is because sometimes it is hard to find a way to make it unique. I also think the challenging part was to find the things that fits the thing your doing. It is because for example when your doing something quiet but the song is loud it would not match so it would not work which is not going to work out.

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  1. Great job Hyun Seo! I’m glad you were able to improve your video based on my feedback and that you feel like you’ve met lots of the class criteria! I’m still wondering how watching other tutorials helped you specifically…

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