Final project Reflecion

photoIn art class we learned how to carve designs on the carving block.

The thing around the middle came from the African design. I choose this design because it was simple but it had a meaning to me and the meaning was that just defend for yourself who ever is hurting you. This was the meaning to me because it looks like the Japanese shuriken and whenever I look at a shuriken I think of defending myself where ever or when ever it is. The straight line and the three pared things in the middle is from the Ancient Egypt. I chose this design because it felt like it was the path of where I walk. Like I said for me the shuriken makes me think that I have to defend myself so the road was where I walk everyday to achive my goal and the shuriken is my sheld and when anyone comes near me I would have to protect myself.

The most challenging part for me was to not be late with class work on time. It is because I was like one class behind which was not so good. I think I was late because I tend to do things in a slow way. I was able to overcome this by doing some things at home or coming to open studio in the mornings.

I learned that I should go to the open studio in the mornings to finish things in class on time.




This song is a bit old but I love this song so I wanted to share it with you. It’s a korean group singer called 2EN1! Hope you enjoy!!!!

Trailer Reflection.

In drama class we learned how to use just our voices in lots of different ways to make the audience feel something just by our voices and we made audio trailer in groups.

The successful part…

I think that our emotions of how we said things were ok. It is because people will be only hearing our voice so if its a horror movie the voice have to be creepy or scared. I also think that we did a good job on adding the sounds in the back because it has to match the things that we are saying because we did not have the screen that people could depend on. I think that we have all the things that a trailer needs such as Dialog grab, Slogan, Release date, Music and Voice over and Narration.

Things we could improve on…

I think that we could have not added too much detail because it is a trailer and a trailer dose not need to be that detailed because you just want to tell people to come watch the movie. I think that we should have said the title of the movie because this is going to be a radio trailer so they can’t see the screen. I think that we had too much of a dialog grab. If we have too much dialog in the trailer its just spoiling the movie for the people.

I think we did a good job on the trailer because everyone was participating and no one was fooling around and we had fun while doing this so it was fun and interesting at the same time.