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In P.E class we learned how to answer questions detailedly and we had to answer the question about offense team in basketball.

This are the site I used for the photos.

Door Mime

In drama class we are doing mimes and we learned how to open a door. This one is a door that is locked. Me and my partner had to find a way to open the locked door.

The two ways we opened the door was try kicking the door but it did not work so the second one was to get a motorcycle  and crash open the door.

I tried to show the size shape and weight of the door by drawing and putting a point so I know where the door is. When I was riding the motorcycle I tried to show the size of it with my hand. For the weight I tried to show that it was light because I was riding on it.

I think that I should improve on my face expression more because I was smiling all of the time. I also think that I could do a bit more of expressing the size, shape and weight.