Silent movie

In Drama class we watched a silent movie and we had to do a character analisist.




Girl dad

I think that the boy and the girl love each other but their parents would not let them see each other.

Moving legs

hand on the door

I think that I could use the pushing. It is because It could be used when someone is mad.Also I could use the looking down. It is because I could mean that I am shy or sad. I could also use the pointing finger saying go over there or get that thing for me. We could also use Finger locked together when we are praying or showing that we have to be calm.

Hand on the back

Pointing finger

Looking through the hole.

Kissing the letter

Facial Expression

Looking down

Frowning meaning angry

Finger locked together

Big eyes meaning surprised

Facial Expression

Major Posture

Smiling. It means Happy

Leaning forward a bit meaning let me see what you are doing.

Looking down. It means Don’t know what to say.

Major Posture

Looking down. It means shy

Drama Mime

In drama class we learned how to mime and we had to make a scene using mime. Ours story is about two teens and a grandpa in a library having a fight. Here is our scene.

7C Drama: Mime Scene from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


I think my staging in the mine scene were good. It is because I told people to shush in the library, I put the books away in the cart, I stamped the books and lastly I gave books to the people who were looking for books.

I think that my using of space while performing in some places needed some improvements and some parts were good. For example, the part where I went to look for a book I should have looked up and moved around a bit more so it looks more like I am looking for the right book but all I did was lick my hand a pick up a book. I think that I did a good job of using the space when I moved the cart around to put the book away because I was moving to one shelf to another shelf and was also moving my hand.

I was able to interact with the other characters good. It is because I told Shoichi, Kiyoka and Toma to be quiet in the library.

I think that the mime was believable in some parts because when the librarian put the books away and take the books out it was believable but at the part where the teenager and the grandpa was fighting it was not believable  because this would usually not happen in the library.

Ipad Elements and Compound

In our grade 7 we all got Ipads and in science class we were wondering what effect dose it have in the world and what is in the Ipad and if we should keep the program or make it bigger or just end it..

These are the 3 elements I found in the Ipad.


Where is it?

What does it do?

Where does it come from?


It is in the front-facing camera.

It helps when people do things like facetime, skype E.T.C. It helps not to crack while face chatting.

Holmium mainly comes from the earths crust.


It is in the motherboard memory chip of the Ipad.

It helps the ipad memory to stay and not get lost or disappear.

Copper is mainly mined in Peru, Arizona, MIchigan and Chile.


It is used in the Ipad case.

It helps so that the Ipad does not break and is able to use it for a long time.

Aluminum is mainly mined in Australia and Brazil.

These are the 3 Compounds I found in the Ipad.


Where is it?

What does it do?

Where does it come from?

Electrical cells

It is in the battery pack

It helps the batter to stay longer and store more.


It is inside the phone.

It helps the display data cable to stay together as one and not break apart.

Metal mainly is mined for U.K or Germany.


It is inside the phone.

It helps the display data cable to stay together as one and not break apart.

I think that the issue while getting the Ipad ingredients are the safety. It might be a good item for us to learn with and play around with but for the miners its a very different situation. In a place called Bangka Island Indonesia they live a very sad life because every week about one person dies from mining. Also they only get 5 dollars(540yen) a hour mining in the hot burning sun risking their life just for their family. The mining company thinks that the safety of the miners are not their responsibility because the company is just buying from them and it was their choice to mine.
Another story is about a father with two sons getting stuck on the underground while mining tins. All of a sudden their is a earthquake and the walls fall on top of him getting him squashed in the middle. After the earthquake the other miners tried to help the man out by digging with their hands. But sadly they were not able to rescue him so his two sons will have to work and study at the same time to save the family.
The sad thing about it is not only do people die but people also don’t get to use the Ipads, Iphone, computers E.T.C. All they do is mine and offer them to the company and sell and get little amount of money. All the things go to America, Europe, Japan, Republic of Korea, China E.T.C.
I think that we should keep the Ipad program the way it is because it might be dangerous for the people mining but we still are helping them get money and be able to sell things. If people don’t buy computers, Ipad,E.T.C the company would not have enough money to buy the ingredients from the miners then the miners would no have enough money to live with. It might be a dangerous job for the miners but still it is helping them by buying the things. Some people might say to end the Ipad program and give the money that we use to buy the ipads to them but we are not sure if the money is going to them or not. Also if it gets to the country we are not sure how and where people use it in the country.
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