Why do we read?

we-read-to-know-that-we-are-not-alone-1“We-read-to-know-that-we-are-not-alone.” 123 Day Trade RSS. N.p., 04 Apr. 2012. Web. 16 Dec. 2014. <http://123daytrade.com/2012/04/why-do-we-really-read-and-study-books/we-read-to-know-that-we-are-not-alone/>.Why do we read? What do you think is the reason we read? What kind of books do we have to read? Down below is what I think.


Fiction: We read fiction book because it expands our imagination and the way we think. If we did not have any fiction book we would have not much of imagination in our head and we would have a hard time writing a short fiction story but it would not be good only to read only fiction book and we would also have to read non fiction books as well. Here is a link that tells you why reading fiction book can help you.

Non- Fiction: I think that we read non fiction book because they have facts and knowledge that we need in our life. This is important because if there is no Non-Fiction books we would have to do hard and boring handwriting textbook things but while reading a book it would be fun as well as not hard. Also some of the non fiction books might be boring but they can come in handy in some places such as a English class when we are writing things.

Reading any kind of book helps us learn about the sentence structure that are correct and understandable. This can be important because just by reading you can learn what kind of sentence structure there is with any kind of book.


If you want to learn more about why we read click here. Here is one link telling you about what way reading a book can help you in life.


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  1. Hi hyunseo, great way to explain your opinion.I think you are doing great on this paragraph my thing was about fiction but you also did no fiction. I think you mite want to embed the picture that is our ideas. I also think your sentence structure mite be a little tight so make it more of a lighter sentences.

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