Expanding my comfort zone during G8 Field Studies

From the small building games I learned that it was important to be able to communicate, help and wait for each other. I learned this by playing the marshmallow activity. While doing the activity we had to communicate and tell people to not move and where to put there feet. We had to help each other out by holding hands and pulling each other and holding on to each other for balance. We also had to wait for the person behind us to put there feet on the marshmallow so we don’t loose it. I can apply this to real life situation when


From geocaching I learned that it was important to cheer on one another. While on our walk I was tired from walking the long, steep hill and I was kind of behind the rest of the group. Than Shion came up to me and said we can do this and walked together with me while talking. I can apply this to real life situation when someone is behind the others I can cheer people on so they can be motivated to catch up.


From rope and rock I learned that it was important to help people out when they are stuck. While I was rock climbing I could not see where I could put my feet but with the help of Chloe and Kotaro I was able to move my feet in the right direction I wanted to . Also when Chloe was doing the rock climbing Oliver, Kotaro and I was able to help her out so that she could reach the top. I can apply this to real life situation when someone is in a hard situation I can go back and help them.


I was able to get out of my comfort zone when I was rock climbing and rafting. I was getting out of my comfort zone when I was rock climbing because I get scared when I look down so I don’t normally do things that has to do with heights but at the field studies I was able to do an activity that required going high up.


I think that I found rock climbing and geocaching the hard activities. I found rock climbing a hard activity because when I look down I get scared so I try not to do these activities. I found geocaching as a hard activity because I don’t like to walk steep hills and also because at first we were not looking at the hint to find the word it took a long time to find the letters.






  1. I think that I did a good job in writing in depth but I could have done better at making my writing clear for the readers to read because I was not that much organised.

  2. I think your blog post was really focused, and talked about many different things. It was also very organised in short paragraphs but also very thoughtful so very easy to read.

  3. Your blog post is quite detailed and I think your understanding is very clear. You could’ve expanded more on the lessons you learned and how you learned them but overall very good and detailed post.

  4. I think that you did a great job of organishing your post. Also I think that you have got nice pictures in your post. what you could have done better on the pics is that you put something that was scary.
    Overall good job!

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