While I made my speech I felt nervous because I am not used to doing speeches in front of people. Also I was in a panic mode because I forgot all of the little detail I was supposed to say. I think that the best thing during the speech for me was being confident. I think that the eye contact I made with the audience made the speech feel confident. I think that I could improve on my hand gestures. During my speech I tried to use hand gestures but as soon as I got nervous and in a panic mode I started to hold onto my note cards with both of my hands so for the next time I will pay more attention and practise more on my hand gestures.

By doing this speech I learned how to prepare for a speech. I have learnt to check everything from how you stand to how you talk while practising. I think that it is important to learn how to structure a speech so when you want to tell an audience a important issue the information will be more organised and clear.

I think that I could use persuasive speeches in life. For example, when you need extensions in school projects you would have to use persuasion or when you want something from your mom.


I think that during the semester I was able to learn a lot of Spanish but the 3 most thing I am proud of is listening, comprehending and writing skills. I am most proud of my listening skills because in class Ms. Hill sometimes talks to us in Spanish which helped me to understand better. I am also proud of my writing skills because when we have the writing homework I try to use the new words I have learnt in class which helped me to get better. I am proud of my reading comprehending skills because when we have homework I have got in the habit of trying to understand the text more slowly which helped me a lot. I have tried to do all of my assignments to a high quality as much as possible by trying to add new vocabulary and reading my work over and over again to make sure.


My learning habits in Spanish has gotten better. Whenever I have homework I try to studying the notes then the next day I do the worksheets so I know if my notes are in my long term memories more not. If not I try to study them again.