3 unit reflection

In unit 3 I have learned a few things and was able to develop my spanish.The first thing I have learned is how to conjugate the direct object pronouns, the indirect object pronouns and the reflexive pronouns. The second thing I learned is variety of complex transitions and describing words. Before I only used words like bien, tambien, malo, grande, pequeno but now I am able to use words such por ejemplo, sin embargo, próximo, seco and many more. The last thing I have learned is how to prepare in depth for a test. I learned how to use the brain frame idea to write down what I know and what I need to know better.

The questions I have is what is the easiest way to remember how and when to use the indirect and direct object pronouns and how I can show these in my writing tasks and how more can I make my sentences more complex with only making few errors.

During this unit I think that I was able to be more of a risk taker and write what I have learned in my writings but still making mistakes. I was able to learn my studying types throughout this unit. I found out that I do better when I study alone in a quiet space and when I write things down and read them outloud to myself I remember better.

My goal for the next unit is to be able to make a schedule for my Spanish studying dates and study the things I have learned in class and the things I struggle in.

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  1. Send me an email once you have scheduled your Spanish study dates. Continue to send me emails with practice sentences so I can give you feedback.

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