Kindergarten Visit

In tutor class we went to the kindergarten class to read and play with them. I had two of the kindergarten students. They were very calm but enthusiastic at the same time.  

My partners were risk takers. My partners tried hard to read words that they did not know how to pronounce with some help. For instance, my partner was having a hard time trying to pronounce the word sometimes. Even though she was having a hard time she tried to pronounce each sound. They were also inquired. My partners asked me questions about the meaning of the words that came up in the book. For example, my partner asked me what a swamp was and I was able to explain about it.

I tried to be balanced when reading and playing games with them. This was because I had two partners and I didn’t want any of my partners to feel left out. I wanted them all to feel included. For instance, while I was reading them the books I asked both of my partner’s questions about what they thought would happen throughout the book.  

I was also tried to be a communicator and talk more with my partners about what they want to do. For example, I kept asking them if they wanted to other activities or if they wanted to continue doing the same activity to make sure that they liked what they were doing.   

This experience for me I think was a good way to connect with elementary students that we never get to talk to. For the next visit I would like to more of a thinker and a knowledgeable person and teach my partners new, fun and unique activities that they can do in their own time as well.