Tennis- Wellness


I have been playing tennis for almost three years and from 9th grade, I joined the tennis team at school. In 9th grade, I was part of the Junior varsity team playing singles three and sometimes doubles one. In 10 grade I was doubles one for the Varsity team. In 9th grade, I was not able to participate in any big tournaments that were held at school as I wasn’t confident with my tennis skills to participate. However, in 10th grade, I was able to participate in the Kanto tennis tournament held at ASIJ. This tournament is where most of the international schools in the Kanto part of Japan get together and have a tournament. In this tournament, I was able to get to the quarterfinals of the consolidation. I was not able to get an award for this tournament but I was still proud of the place I ended in as it was the very first tournament I attended for only tennis after playing for three years. Through this tournament, I was able to learn how to keep my sports psychology strong with my partner. During the first few games of this tournament, I was not sure how to play my best everytime I lost a score. Therefore, I kept putting myself down and stressing myself out which made it even harder for me and my partner to keep playing the best we can. However, throughout the end of this tournament, I learned how to keep my emotions together when I lost a game. I learned to not mind the score but to learn from the mistake and to keep improving myself bit by bit after each point. I also learned how to work as a team to play doubles as this was the first time I played doubles in tennis. Through playing doubles tennis I was able to make new friends and create a new bond with people that I would rarely talk to. I was also able to make friends from different schools. This allowed me to improve my social skills as I am not good at talking to people that I am not comfortable with or know well.

In the local tennis club, I take lessons once every week for about two hours for the past 3 years. In the local tennis club, we learn specific tennis techniques whereas in the school tennis team we learn how to be more positive when we lose a game or how to come up with a game plan when we are playing. In the local tennis club I learn techniques such as how to smash, volley, receive slice balls and many more. With the regular physical training, I am able to keep my body muscles trained even when the tennis season is over at school. Going to this local tennis lessons is now a part of my schedule. I believe that these regular tennis lessons are helping me to stay fit as without the lessons I would not be getting the physical training that I need for living the daily life. This is because before I started tennis the only sport that I did not do any sports outside of school. Therefore, some parts of my muscles started to weaken and hurt. However, now with the regular training I can feel my weakened muscles becoming strong as my body isn’t hurting as much as it used to. Also, the regular lessons are one of the ways that help me to reduce stress. While playing tennis I forget about all the homework and the assessments that I have to do as I am focusing only on playing tennis which allows me to freshen up as I enjoy doing exercises. Even when I can’t play well enough it gives me the motivation to try better rather than feeling down. This feeling continues after my tennis lessons which allow me to perform better in my daily life as I am more motivated.


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