During grade 10 I was doing the personal project. The personal project was a year-long project where we had to research in depth about a topic that we were interested in. I chose a topic about sleep and how to help solve people who can’t fall asleep easily. As this was a year-long project we had to be able to manage our time well to get the project done. Also because the teachers were not setting every little due date for us to finish the project I had to make sure to keep track of what I was doing by when.


The planning process was very important as it was the stage where I organized the ideas and the things I had to do in order to reach my final goal. In this stage, I made an action plan to make sure that I do not forget the things I need to do. However, when I first made the action plan I did not make it detailed enough and just made each category just like the big due dates that were assigned by teachers. Therefore, I was struggling to keep track of what I finished and what I had to do and I ended up doing everything last minute. Therefore, my works were not good enough. That is why I had to make sure to make my action plan detailed for me to manage my time well enough to get little things such as doing the research done a week before the due date so that I can recheck all the work that I did few days before the due date(Just like the one below). After making the action plan, I was able to finish my work on time and I was able to finish the work to the best of my ability.         


Tasks Time required Resources Notes / Reflections


Date Complete
Milestone: Research
Research about the cause of sleep deprivation 30 min Do it in my research log Aug. 31
Research about the effects of sleep deprivation 30 min Do it in my research log Aug. 31
Research about how to get good sleep 30 min Do it in my research log Sep.1
Research about actual experiment done by experts 30 min Do it in my research log Sep.13
Read a book about sleep deprivation and understand it 2 hours Do it in my research log Sep.13 but changed to Oct.3
Milestone: Write annotated bibliography
Write annotated bibliography 20 min Oct.5
Hand in annotated bibliography 5 Upload it on managebac Oct.6
Milestone: Writing Success Criterion
Brainstorm success criteria 15 min Finish before mentor meeting Think about my final product and what it needs to be successful Oct.7
Write success criteria according to brainstorm 30 min Finish before mentor meeting and get it checked Think about my final product and what it needs to be successful Oct.7


Artistic Expression

I have played the flute since third grade. Outside of school, I take lessons every week. The teacher has a concert every two years which I have participated in several times(Just like the picture below). In school, since middle school, I have been involved in an after-school activity called wind ensemble or the symphonic orchestra.   


During the lessons, I learn how to interpret the song to play it in a more musical way. To practice interpretation of the song, I practice challenging songs. Then during the annual flute concert, I learn how to match my melody to the piano as that is something that I normally don’t practice during the lessons.

In wind ensemble, we learn how to play as an orchestra. We learn how to adjust our volume in order to hear the main melody more clearly because before wind ensemble I was only used to playing as a solo where I did not have to focus on my volume or the blend but focus more on the techniques such as how to express the music. However, in wind ensemble, I had to be more careful of my volume as there were more flute players compared to other instruments. In wind ensemble, we play more simple songs for me which allows me to not worry about being able to follow along with the music but to focus on being able to play as an orchestra and to interpret the music in depth.


At the start of wind ensemble, I found it hard to follow the music as I was not doing weekly practices and I started to lose interest in playing in the band. Therefore, I had to come up with a way to improve my skills so that I would be able to catch up to the level of the band. I came up with a way to do regular practices. I try to do two to three practices every week. Then after every week, I write the songs that I used to practice and what the main technique I practiced during the week. I even posted a video of myself playing for the last practice of the week so I can look back to see how much I have improved and where I could improve more in.     


Date Repertoire – artistic intention – related performance goal(s) Etudes/Exercises – describe relationship to performance goal(s), alternative choices (with reasoning) Other resources chosen – to aid in development of technique / specific aspect of performance, alternative choices – be creative Videos – demonstrate your development (the process of gaining fluency with a technique over time) and application (as evidenced in your performance repertoire)
9/29 E Flat Majeur Easter Hymn of Praise. E FLAT MAJEUR

10/6 E Flat Majeur Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken

I focused on making a round sound by comparing someone else’s sound to mine and trying to make that kind of sound.

Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken

10/13 E Flat Majeur Easter Hymn of Praise

I looked at this video to work on making a more rounder sound

Easter Hymn of Praise

10/20 E Flat Majeur Easter Hymn of Praise E flat Majeur


By doing two to three times a week practice it has helped me to develop as a player compared to the times when I was not practicing every week. As I started creating a pattern to practice every week it gave me more confidence when I played my flute as I was able to follow the music that we were playing in wind ensemble from the very start.