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Hey guys. My name is Hyun Seo and this is a page about me. I got to Yokohama International School. Let me tell you a bit about me.

My fav color is Light Pink and Light Blue.

My hobbies are  to listen to music, sing, watch youtube  and learning new language.


I play the piano since I was 3 years old. I also play the flute. I like to play in front of people because its super fun to show people how awesome I am when I play the flute.

This are the sports that I like to play. I play in the girls futsal team which is super fun. I played girls soccer all year long in 5 grade and we had a tournament with Saint Maures. We had 2 tournaments. One in our school and one in there school. We one one of them. I also like to play volleyball and basketball.

I like to listen to One Direction and keep update to there news and this is the site I use 

soccer ball

Photo Sorces

Photo sorces 2

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