Trailer Reflection.

In drama class we learned how to use just our voices in lots of different ways to make the audience feel something just by our voices and we made audio trailer in groups.

The successful part…

I think that our emotions of how we said things were ok. It is because people will be only hearing our voice so if its a horror movie the voice have to be creepy or scared. I also think that we did a good job on adding the sounds in the back because it has to match the things that we are saying because we did not have the screen that people could depend on. I think that we have all the things that a trailer needs such as Dialog grab, Slogan, Release date, Music and Voice over and Narration.

Things we could improve on…

I think that we could have not added too much detail because it is a trailer and a trailer dose not need to be that detailed because you just want to tell people to come watch the movie. I think that we should have said the title of the movie because this is going to be a radio trailer so they can’t see the screen. I think that we had too much of a dialog grab. If we have too much dialog in the trailer its just spoiling the movie for the people.

I think we did a good job on the trailer because everyone was participating and no one was fooling around and we had fun while doing this so it was fun and interesting at the same time.

Important speech reflection

In drama class we made a speech about our important people in our life and I did my flute teacher because she was the one who gave me confidence to whatever I do. Here is the video.

6A Drama Person Speech09 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I think I could have spoken a bit slower at the begging. I think the volume and the pitch was good. It was not too short or loud. I think I should have paused a bit more in the middle but instead I just went and said things.
I think that I did not move too much. I think I could work a bit more on the facial expression because I had the same straight face for the whole entire speech. I think I could have worked a bit more on the gesture because I just said what I remembered and I did not say the speech like I was talking to the audience.
I think the information and the structure was good. I said when I started flute and how the flute teacher gave me confidence.
I think my best skill was saying the speech with confidence.
I think I will need to work on the facial expression and the pace of how I say it.

6A Drama Person Speech07 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I think Emilee did a good job on making us think what a good mother is. I also liked how she said her hook because she got my attention.

I think Emilee should work more on not moving too much or saying the speech a bit more louder.

Practise Speech Reflection

In drama class we had to make a speech about our passion. I was talking about One Direction and this is the video.

6A Drama Practice Speech07 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I think my best skill was when I explained that they are a inspiring band members. It is because some people don’t like One Direction but I explained to them people who like them think of them this way.

I think I need to improve on not walking away at the end because if I just walk away it would be a bit weird for the audience.


This is my friend Hana.E’s speech about the ocean. Here is her video.

6A Drama Practice Speech09 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I think she did a good job on the hook. It is because when I first heard what she said I was so shocked.

I think she needs to improving on not touching her hair or her jacket while she talks. It is because it might be disturbing for the audience.


I used offer and accept by listening to the other people speaking and thinking in my mind what I should say.

If I could improve my performance I  could duck in my head a bit more so people do not see two heads.

I could use by listening cearfuly so I do not make a mistake when doing my hands.