Drama comedy reflection

1. What influenced the development of your character? Was it a visiting artist?


My character was influenced with the help of Phillipe. Phillipe helped me to be more into my character. He also helped me with my facial expression when I was talking. He helped me with my walk when I enter the stage. These advices helped me to be more into character and helped my character come to real life.


2. What feedback to you receive about your character and comedy routine? How did make changes based on feedback?

Our ending was not that interesting so we struggled with it. However with the help of Rene it has helped our routine to have more of an happy and interesting ending. After getting the feedback our group started to combine our original idea with the new ideas. By combining the ideas it helped us to be more interesting until the end.

History of Comedy

The word comedy originated from the Greek word κωμῳδία kōmōidía. The word comedy meant stage plays with happy ending. 


Timeline of Comedy 

425 BCE

Comedy started because of this guy named Aristophanes. He wrote about 40 plays.Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 20.29.10

16th Century

Then in the Shakespeare started to make a bit more modern comedy. His comedy routine still had happy endings but it involved marriages between the unmarried characters. This was when Mr. Punch was first made. Mr-Punch-by-Guy-HigginsThis was when Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel and Dan Leno. imgresThis is a photo of Charlie Chaplin.

This was also when clowning started. At this time the clowns did not have a real part in the play. The clown just kept on continuing the jokes and the tricks. With the help of Shakespeare clowns started to have more parts during the play. The role of the clowns were to ease the tension.

18th Century

Melodrama is a drama has very exaggerated plot and characters. This helps create emotion. They mostly have stereotypical characters. Melodrama was mostly based on Good VS. Evil. Melodrama still exists in the current days.

20th century

The T.V was invented and comedy became more and more popular though silent comedy films. The film Mr. Bean became very famous. url


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While I made my speech I felt nervous because I am not used to doing speeches in front of people. Also I was in a panic mode because I forgot all of the little detail I was supposed to say. I think that the best thing during the speech for me was being confident. I think that the eye contact I made with the audience made the speech feel confident. I think that I could improve on my hand gestures. During my speech I tried to use hand gestures but as soon as I got nervous and in a panic mode I started to hold onto my note cards with both of my hands so for the next time I will pay more attention and practise more on my hand gestures.

By doing this speech I learned how to prepare for a speech. I have learnt to check everything from how you stand to how you talk while practising. I think that it is important to learn how to structure a speech so when you want to tell an audience a important issue the information will be more organised and clear.

I think that I could use persuasive speeches in life. For example, when you need extensions in school projects you would have to use persuasion or when you want something from your mom.

Elevator Scenes

I think in overall we connected as characters. I think that I could have done better at facial expression because my eyes were looking down at the floor so it was hard for the audience to reed my face.


I think that during the scene I showed statues by pushing people away and telling them to get out of my way and criticising people about there clothing. By saying I tried to make my statues higher than the people around me. I also showed motivation that I needed to get out of the elevator to get to my fashion show. By showing motivation the audience can know why I need to get out of the elevator in a hurry.


During the unit I got better at expressing my character’s feelings. The challenging areas for this unit is facial expressions. It is because I tend to face the floor most of the time so it becomes harder for the audience to understand my facial expression.

8A 1 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


What is a stereotype?

guessing a characters personality
When are stereotypes useful?

Stereotypes are useful if you are doing mimes or non verbal acting.
Can you judge a book by its cover?

Yes we can judge a book by its cover but we should not do it because the book might be about something interesting but the cover might just be boring.