Thank you for writing the book House on the Mango Street.

Thank you for writing the book “House on The Mango Street”. If it was not for the vignette The family of little feet I would have never thought differently. After reading the vignette I felt that I was living in such a happy part of the world because in the vignette the children were trying to grow up with trying to wear high heels but the man next to them said that they should not be wearing high heels because of what mens think of them. After reading the book I learned more about how mens think about women.

Power of Humanity

In English class we learned about racism, Apartheid, the Soweto Uprising and Nelson Mandela. During the unit we read a book called Journey to Jo’burg by Beverley Naidoo”. This book was about two children going to Johannesburg which is miles away to find their mother to cure their baby brother. We watched a movie called Power of One directed by John G.Avildsen. We also got to write a feature article about one of the topic Nelson Mandela, Soweto Uprising or Apartheid. Through this unit I learned about power in language, government and education, Relationship between the white people and the black people and oppression.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 17.08.25


This is when the white people made different doors for the white and the blacks.



Racism happened because of power. The white government had all the power of education and language. The white government controlled the black peoples education and their life. The white people got high leveled education and got to learn in very lovely places but one the other hand, black people learned the basic things such as learning how to be a gardener, servant, maid.The black people also got small and decrepit places for their school. The white government did not pay that much effort or money into the black peoples school and payed more effort and money into the white peoples school. The black people also never got to learn English so most of them were not able to read the signs on the streets put up by the white people for Apartheid. The white people used violence to hurt the black people but they had something else called the power of language. The white people said harsh things to the black people such as “Blacks are garbages, We don’t need them!”. The police put a curfew on the black people and if they were out after the curfew they would be yelled at and be hurt or even killed. The life of a black person was very harsh.





This is the schools that are being seperated.


What were the relationship between the White people and the black people and why did it continue for a long time? They are all from the same background and raised in Africa but what is the difference?White people called the Africanas(The Dutch and the Germans.) colonized Africa. After the English(British) fought and won over the Africanas and Africa. Then the Africanas were very frustrated with the English the Africanas tried to find a way for them to colonize Africa again. Then the year 1939 World War 2 happened and the Africanas started to gain back power and tried to win back Africa again. The black people had tribes and they were fighting against each other as well which made the situation more complicated. This relationship made school life harder for the English children. The English children were teased or bullied at school by the Africanas and also beat up.

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This is a diagram of the relationship between the black and the white.

The black people were oppressed by lots of white people, police and government. The black people had to follow every rule that the government made such as time curfew, having to have a passport, limit of things they could have at their village and where they could live in. If they did not follow the rule they would have to deal with the consequences such as to be sent to prison for a very long time or be killed. If a white people did not follow the rules they would be sent off with just one warning and it was not much of a big deal most of the time. If the police was Africana and the white person was English and the police hated the English the English person could have been killed or put in prison and it would be no problem for the Africana police.



In conclusion I would like to say that it was interesting to learn this unit and now I am confident that I have a good knowledge of understanding about Nelson Mandela and Apartheid. From this unit I learned that people can be hated because of their skin color and can suffer a lot from it. I also learned that just by using words it can hurt lots of people. Now I know that one person’s word can affect lots of peoples life. This unit made me think a lot about how lucky I was to be able to live in a place where my mom and dad is not working miles away from me and is living close to me. Also I felt lucky that I am getting a good education with lots of international friends.


Why do we read?

we-read-to-know-that-we-are-not-alone-1“We-read-to-know-that-we-are-not-alone.” 123 Day Trade RSS. N.p., 04 Apr. 2012. Web. 16 Dec. 2014. <>.Why do we read? What do you think is the reason we read? What kind of books do we have to read? Down below is what I think.


Fiction: We read fiction book because it expands our imagination and the way we think. If we did not have any fiction book we would have not much of imagination in our head and we would have a hard time writing a short fiction story but it would not be good only to read only fiction book and we would also have to read non fiction books as well. Here is a link that tells you why reading fiction book can help you.

Non- Fiction: I think that we read non fiction book because they have facts and knowledge that we need in our life. This is important because if there is no Non-Fiction books we would have to do hard and boring handwriting textbook things but while reading a book it would be fun as well as not hard. Also some of the non fiction books might be boring but they can come in handy in some places such as a English class when we are writing things.

Reading any kind of book helps us learn about the sentence structure that are correct and understandable. This can be important because just by reading you can learn what kind of sentence structure there is with any kind of book.


If you want to learn more about why we read click here. Here is one link telling you about what way reading a book can help you in life.