I am a full Korean person but was born and raised in Japan. However, I would say that my first language is Korean because since I was little I was taught to speak the language at home. Japanese and English would both be my second language because I was fortunate enough to be able to attend an international school and learn English. Also, I live in an environment where the main language is Japan meaning that I had to learn to speak the language in order to communicate. This would make me a trilingual person. By being able to speak three different languages fluently I feel that it has helped me to grow in a more global way.  


By being able to speak three languages I think that it helps me to understand the different cultures and be aware of the things I should do in one country and not do in another country. By living in Japan and having Korean parents I have learned that some of the actions that I do in Korea may seem rude or be considered to have bad manners. For instance, in Korea, if you are invited to a person’s house people usually go earlier than the appointment time to help set up. However, in Japan, it is considered impolite to go earlier than the appointment time. These kinds of small behavioral things are something I have noticed by being able to communicate with the people living in that specific country. By being able to understand the different cultures I think that it leads to a better understanding of the different topic when it comes to studying.        


By being able to fluently speak, read and write three languages I am able to study in all three of the languages which helps me to understand the different perspective of a topic and relate to the opinions. I think that by being able to research about one topic in different languages it helps me to be able to research more in depth about specific topics as I can research from a first-person perspective rather than a third person perspective. For instance, when the topic that I want to research is about an issue in Korea, rather than researching about the issue in English I can research in Korean to learn about why the issue in Korea is happening and what they are doing to prevent the issue from happening. Also, I think this is because I am able to understand the cultural differences such as the different way people act, sometimes I start to relate to all of the three different perspectives and opinions. This helps me when I am writing an essay on a specific topic as I can write passionately about the different opinions.   


In conclusion, I think that by being a trilingual person I was able to become a more global person by understanding the different cultures and their perspective and opinions.