My tutorial

In Technology class we learnt how to make tutorials. We learnt how to make the tutorial unique and interesting to watch. Here is my tutorial so hope you enjoy 


From the 6A tutorial criteria I think I connected with Steady Camera, Finished product at the start, Language, Stay on topic, Quality Video, Materials, and Background. I think I connected with the steady camera because the video is not shaking or moving around. I think I connected with finished product at the start because in the video I showed the finished product at the start so people know what they are making. I also think that I connected with Language because I did not use hard language and I said all the things in a easy way so that people can understand it faster and easier. I think that I connected with staying on topic because I did not suddenly go of topic and talk about something else. I also connected with quality video because the video was not burred out or anything. I think I connected with materials because I showed at the start what you need to make this. Lastly, I think I connected with Background because there was no background noise so that people could not hear me but the room was quiet so that the people could hear what I am saying. I think I could have made my tutorial better if I added Creativity, Angles, Editing and Time.  I think if I added this I could have made the video a bit more better and interesting for people to watch.


This are the three people I commented on. Haruna, Jan and Julynn. After looking at them I think that I could make my tutorial better by making it unique for people to watch. I also think that if you edit the video for a long time it makes it better.



I think that the challenge for this unit was to make the tutorial unique and fun for the people to watch. It is because sometimes it is hard to find a way to make it unique. I also think the challenging part was to find the things that fits the thing your doing. It is because for example when your doing something quiet but the song is loud it would not match so it would not work which is not going to work out.

Tutorial Plan Reflection

In Technology class we are going through the process of making a good tutorial video. Today I would like to reflect about what makes a good tutorial.

I think my plan so far meets at least three of the 6A criteria. They are Staying on topic, Step by step and Language. My plan meets the criteria of staying on topic because I only talk about how to make a good photo collage. My plan meets the criteria of Step by step because in the tutorial storyboard I did not miss any step as I drew them. My plan meets the criteria of simple Language because I did not use hard words so that people who is not that good at English can look at the video and learn something new.

I think my tutorial is a good one because I tired to use simple words, I am staying on topic, I don’t skip any step, I try to keep in mind of the length of each clip, I show the finished product first and not last. I will know that my viewers learned if I ask some of my friends to have a look at it and if they say they learnt something that means that I have made a good tutorial but if my friends did not learn anything that means that I have not made it clear for the viewers.

I think you will need to learn how to edit the video to make the video more interesting and unique. I also think that you will need to learn how to video tape the video correctly and awesomely so the video is not boring.

This is what I think my plan is working out as an I think this is the things you will need to learn or keep in mind while making the tutorial.

What makes a great teacher???

Hey guys!!!! In Technology class we learned how to be a good teacher and today I would like to tell you guys what makes a good teacher and why? Also I would like to talk about what Area of Interaction this unit belongs to and why?(Click on the Area of  interaction to see what area of interaction there is.)

I think to be a good teacher you will have to teach the students in a clear, simple and understandable way or else the students would not understand and learn anything new. I also think you will have to be nice to the students and choose the correct words to use when you are talking to them. It is because if you are not nice to the students they might not be nice to you back which will make teaching much harder as teachers. I think you have to choose the correct words when you talk to your students because if you say rude things to them they might be sad and you might have less students as the day passes. I think you will also have to not show likes and dislikes of students. It is because it might hurt the students feelings which is not being a good teacher.


I think that this unit fits best in Health and Social Education. It best fints in this catagory because by doing all this stuff you learn how to be healthy when using the computer. The second reason it best fints in this catagory is because you are using the computer to teach people around the world which is social education.

Tutorial Investigation Reflection

From the whole unit I learned that while making a tutorial you have to be carful. I also learned that while making a tutorial you have to speak clearly, don’t block the camera view, be polite and choose the words carefully. This is my  favorit tutorial 

Now I would like to compare and contrast the difference between the practise tutorial I made and  my favourite tutorial.I think the differences are that in a movie tutorial you have to speak but in a written tutorial you have to write, in my tutorial I was not that detailed but in the video tutorial the person was very detailed and organized, in my tutorial I did not say what would go wrong if you did that or that but in  my favorit tutorial they said to do this or that to make it better.The similarities are that you have to be specific, you have to go in order,you need to tell the finished project first, you need to be clear and  you need to be polite of the words you are using.

From the two different tutorials I learned that you have to be clear on what you are saying, you need to tell the  finished project first or else the person doing the thing will have a hard time, you need to be clear, you need to be polite of the words you are using.

This is the friends I watched there video and commented on. Sayo’s blog, Hana.E’s blog and Lent’s blog.  If you click on the names you can see what I said about there favourite tutorial! From these tutorial I learned that you should not waist your time.It is because if the tutorial is very long people would not want to watch it. I also learned not to block the camera view when you are making the video. I learned to speak more clearly.

From this steps I learned how to make a good tutorial that other people will like and keep watching.

My favourite Tutorial

Hey guys! In tech class we are learning how to make a video tutorial. To do this we first have to research and find examples. This video was the best one out of 4 that I found.

The video helped me learn how to make a rainbow cake.It helped me learn the technical words for the cooking supplies. I learned to wear white shirts when trying to make rainbow cakes because the die can get on the shirt. I learned that when you are frosting the cake you have to push from the bottom not from the top because if you push from the upper side the frosting thing will pop.

I like how the person explain the things we need in the technical words. It is useful because we might not have the stuff at home but if you know the name you can straitly go to the store and get the exact one.I liked how the person wrote the technical words for use. It was useful because some people might want to buy it from the internet but if they do not know the spelling they might end up buying the wrong one.



They kind of just waited there time when the cake was getting baked because they just said nonsense stuff. I think the person should have not fast forward the time in the middle because it might be a bit hard to keep up with if you are backing and watching at the same time.

Create Reflection

In Technology class we are trying to make our trying to make our blog prefect by changing the background, widgets and other things so the blog os much easier to read and see.

I think I am happy with how my blog looks. It is because my background color and the theme it the way I want it to look like. I also like how my post look like when I publish them for people to see. The second most thing I like about my blog is that my blog has a menu bar. It is a bit sad to know that there is no header on my background theme. As you may see on this screenshot photo this is how my blog looks like.



The most thing I like about my blog is that the background represents who I am. It is because I want my readers to strately see who his person is. It is because the blog color is the color I like light blue the most. Also because the color of the background is not that disturbing and it is easy to read and look at.

I think I need to improve on adding some posts on my own because I only did one post on my own in this one week.  I will try to write three posts a week so please keep in touch with this blog.

Plan Reflection

In class we made three blog designs. Then we had to choose the one we think that represent you. Then we had to choose one of  the design from the blog themes.  After we had to write a little explanation of why you choose this drawing.

I choose this one because it represents me. the colors mean happiness to me and I am always happy and bright also because I like to look at the star at night and just wonder around, and I like to keep things simple so it is not hard to read.

Hyun Seo

I think I will need to learn how to make my blog clearer for the readers to read. I will also have to learn how to make widgets and how to put the little words at the top. I will ask Ms.Cofino or a friend who knows to learn the things I am not sure of.  This are the things I will need to learn to make a good blog.

Investigate Reflection

In our technology class we learned  how to make a blog. I will tell you what I will do to represent my blog like me and my passion as well. I will also tell you what three things I think are important in a blog and how I will try to achieve the three criteria.


I will try to post new posts about what I learn everyday so other people know what we learn at our school. I will try to represent myself by making a new pages with about me. I will aslso make to background color like my passion. I will try to show my passion by writing about my passion often

If you want to make a nice blog for the reader to read and understand easy this are the three important things that I think is important when trying to make a post or a blog.

I think it is important to stay on topic. It is because if you do not stay on topic it would be harder for the reader to understand  your topic or you’r passion but if you want to write about another topic you should make a new categories and write but if you just writ in one blob it will be hard for the reader to understand. The second most important thing for me is to write a post like once a week or so because if you do not the reader will have to read the same thing over and over and they would not like you’r blog anymore and stop reading but if you keep on adding new posts the reader will get interested and will keep on checking out you’r blog almost everyday.The third important thing is to put photos so people would not get board just reading also so the reader would understand a bit better with the photos if you can not explain clearly will with words.


I have learned new things so I will try to follow them to make a better blog and for the reader to enjoy my blog. To check to see if i am do all the things I said in this blog post, I will look the the blog and see whats missing and check. I would also go and ask a friend to see if I am doing the things correctly or not.