Nigata expedition reflection

For this years expedition I went to Nigata. In this trip we went on a 3 days hike. img_0813-x3

The two main things we were focusing on during this trip was resilience, self reliance, leader ship and relationship. While hiking I was trying to keep these words in mind. My first goal for the hike was to not give up and keep motivated to finish the 3 day hike. My second goal was to be able to help some people not just when hiking but also when we got to the camp site. I think that I was able to achieve my first goal. It is because during the hike I didn’t think about wanting to go back and I was trying to be motivated by telling myself that this is a new experience so enjoy everything around you. By telling myself this I was able to motivate myself to go faster because I wanted to see what was coming up next. I think that I could have achieved this goal a bit more better. It is because during the hike I was not able to help out as much I was expecting. However at the campsite I think that I was able to help quite a bit. After I was done setting up the tent I was able to help other group put up their tent and I was also able to help people clean up their plates after dinner. niigata-expedition-2016-6384-sniigata-expedition-2016-6216-xlniigata-expedition-2016-6352-s

After the hike when we were doing the boardering I was able to be a risk taker and go up the wall and achieve it until the top of the wall. I was proud of what I was able to do. When we were doing the second activity where we had to do a lot of group work I think that I was good at cooperating and thinking about a solution together as a group.niigata-expedition-2016-2-1060850-l

Also during this expedition I was able to learn about myself. I was able to learn that I like to talk to people around me when I am tired or annoyed so I let out my stress. I also learned that I was able to learn that I was able to live without my phone next to me 24 hours. At first I thought I was going to have a hard time living without my phone because I always look at my phone everyday but I was fine without it and had a lot of fun with the people around me making new friends from other grade.

By going to this expedition I think that I was able to learn a lot of new concepts about the things around me. Also I was able to learn new things about myself which helped me understand who I am better and how I should think about myself.

Spanish reflection- Unit 4

There are few things I have learnt thought the whole unit. The first thing I have learnt is how to use commands. The second thing I  have learnt is how to conjugate in the future tense. The last thing I have learnt in this unit is how to use the reflective.

Through this unit I was able to learn some new learning habits that were useful. The game called password we played in class was very useful. It is because it helped me to figure out if I really knew that new vocabulary or not.

My goal for the next unit is to be able to study constantly at home so that I don’t forget the new things I have learnt in class.

Drama DIY show

In drama class we did a DIY show with a partner. My topic was Yarn Bracelets. Here is the video!

Hana Hyun Seo from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Some people might not know how to make the bracelets so thats why we made this video for them. I think that yarn bracelets can come in handy in life if you know how to make them because you can sell them or give them to a friend for a present. Also it could help just for fun

Tutor organization

Today in tutor class we were learning about organization and this are the things I would like to improve one.

Clean room and desk.

Help at home more.

Check Veracross

Don’t be lazy

Do more study


This song is a bit old but I love this song so I wanted to share it with you. It’s a korean group singer called 2EN1! Hope you enjoy!!!!

Good song

If anyone knows a good song or a video please comment!! I am so bored so ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How and Why do we tell Myths?

So in this unit in English class we are learning about the different types and the ways we tell or can tell myths.

The question was why and how do we tell myths?

For me I think myth is a belief  and a fictional story that people believe in and think it is important or don’t believe in. For example, there is a story about a chicken laying a egg and then the next day the egg crack opens. Then the yolk because the sun. Like this example some people may believe in this story but some people might think it’s a fictional and a weird story. I think that we tell myths because it is a fun thing to do with families and friends. For example, if you are having dinner or a sleepover you can tell these kind of story to have fun and laugh at. The second reason I also think we tell myths because myths usually have mythical places or creatures to make the story much interesting and scary. Sometimes we need a reason of why things are made in one specific way and for some people telling a story helps explain. For instance, some people might wonder why the sun and the moon changes places every night. This is when the stories are told to explain the specific things. In myths they have a lot of symbols like this photo here which I think makes the myth more fun to tell. This is a greek myth symbols. symbols_final

People mostly like to tell them at storytelling time but there is a range of ways we can tell myths. For instance, people can tell them in videos like this link here or people can tell by pictures like you see here.theseusminotaur

WHy do you think that people tell myths and how? You should have a think as well.


Funny Post

Hey!!! I just found this on Facebook and I just wanted to share with you guys. If you guys are in a diet this is the best way to eat mac.          Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 11.19.54 PM

Ice Skating

Hey guys! Yesterday I went Ice skating with my friends Sae, Haruna,Yu jin,James and William. We had so much fun together. Sae had a hard time finding the right shoe size for skating. This is the photo of my friends in the PURIKURA!!!! BTW Sae and James are not on this!!!photophoto-2The first one is the one I like the best and the second one is the one which I feel sorry for Haruna because she is cut off the photo.