Drama Speech

I think I chose a interesting topic to do a speech about, so it made it more interesting to the listeners but at the same time it was hard since I couldn’t find much things to talk about lying, and scenarios to use. In result, my speech got a bit short. But I think the scenarios I did have did support the topic well. I feel like I could’ve improved much more in emotion and tone. I really had difficulty using those two so I think I should’ve practiced a bit more to improve in those areas.

This was a really good experience because I think I will use lots of persuasive speeches in the future for school and further on, for example when you’re trying to sell something or raise awareness for something, using techniques we learnt will┬ámake the speech much more professional. Speech is not a thing that you can’t avoid in the future and it will definitely come in need in some job so it is good to learn the basics of speech.

I learned a lot about how to write a speech in this unit, and it is important to know who your audience is because the way you will want to talk to them will change. Knowing how to structure the speech makes it sound much more important and you know more deeply about the topic you’re talking about. It also organises what your topic so what you’re saying make much more sense and is clear so the audience can remember you more and what you were saying. Also relating to that is saying something that you want to remember them at the end and also sums up the speech. I think it’s one of the most important part of the speech. It is important to be able to present your speech well, with a confidence and a tone matching the mood, since relating back to structuring the speech it makes you sound much more trustable and make you more believable.

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