Original Song Using Chords

This unit I made a original song was Wonkyung and Momoka. We had some difficulties with group work, one of them was that Momoka┬ádidn’t do their work like she was supposed. At the beginning we assigned roles to each person, a job they were supposed to do. We had a person who created the chords, someone who created chord progression and the person who created the melody to fit to the chord progression. After around 3 lessons me and Wonkyung finished making the chord progression and choosing chords to go with it, but Momoka hadn’t even started making the melody. Therefore, we were very rushed and the song didn’t sound that well because me and Wonkyung just created it in one lesson because we didn’t want to lose any time. This was a big problem in our group.

We could’ve improved by working faster and having more time to practice during class. Also I wish we would’ve a had a more interesting chord progression and melody because we repeated the same melodies and chord progressions a few times.

We also didn’t really know how to use garage band, I think next time we do a project like this we should spend more time learning the technology of how to use it.


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