Unit 4 Spanish Reflection

I think this unit taught me a lot abut grammar in Spanish. I learned how to use commands properly, the difference between the affirmative and negative commands and direct and indirect object pronouns. I think the most helpful activity we did that helped me to learn commands much better was the poster project where we had to include 5 affirmative and 5 negative commands. It really helped to give out work, get feedback and than get another chance to do it because it helped me learn much better this way, giving me to understand the concept fully. Comprehension was also a very good activity for me, I am quite bad at comprehending in Spanish so by doing many of these comprehension activities I think it helped me get a little bit better. However, I had difficulty remembering the new vocabulary as I was focussing mainly on grammar. I think for the next unit, I should spread my learning in a more balanced way instead of just focusing on a small portion of the topic, even though it is quite difficult.

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