Drama Comedy Reflection

This unit in Drama, we have been working on Comedy. We practiced many different forms of comedy, mostly physical and researched on comedy through out time. Lastly for the final project we made a character and a comedy routine that included all the things we learned in the unit.

I think the biggest influence on the development of my character was Philipe. He taught me many different ways to exaggerate my character, which I think really helped for the development. He taught me many new ways to show how a character was introverted, which I didn’t know at all before. For example closed posture while walking and looking down at the floor instead of straight forward. I found it really helpful when trying to include my own personality into my character as well because it made the character easier to act out.

My group got a lot of feedback from Rene about our comedy routine. He taught us how the ending of a comedy routine can be one of the most important things, and without a good ending the routine can often end up as a disappointment. He gave our group many creative ideas that really made our routine a bit more interesting. At first we had a pretty believable story but he helped us change our story so it was very exaggerated and made each of our characters personalities show up more.

This comedy unit was actually pretty interesting, I enjoyed learning about comedy through out time the most. I never really thought about comedy much before this unit and found out that it actually has a lot of history. Rene and Philipe were also very helpful, it showed us how much a real comedian can actually do and they both gave us really good advice to help us improve and develop our characters and comedy routine.

Preperation for Hedwings Theme

This unit in Music we have been studying soundtracks. We studied many different soundtracks and found how each had a different feel to them to fit different themes in the movies they were used in. For the Spring concert we have decided to learn and perform Hedwings Theme from the movie Harry Potter.

To learn Hedwings Theme, first I listened to the original to get to see what kind of feel it had to it, how it was supposed to fit in with the movie. After listening few times I thought it was quite soft and gave a bit of a mysterious feel. This helped me know how to play it while performing; to play a bit softly and mysteriously. I practiced by first playing the chords many times to get my hands to learn them so I could play it more smoothly. After learning my part so it was pretty smooth I found a friend who was playing the melody and tried to play the chords along with them so they go along. I did this to try to feel more comfortable when playing with others.

However I still have trouble playing in time when with the group, I tend to lose track where I am and mistake the rhythm. I feel like to improve not losing my place in rhythm when playing with the whole group, first I need to improve my rhythm. To do this when practicing on the piano alone, I could use a metronome to make sure my playing is on rhythm. After doing this a few times, I could turn of the metronome and try to count the beats myself, so that my mind can remember the rhythm exactly. Another thing I could do to improve is practice playing with another student. By playing with them, it would help me get the feel of playing with another person and make sure my rhythm is accurate.

I hope that by Spring Concert I will be able to play in tempo with the group and play softly.