Nature vs. Nuture

Nature is genetic inheritance, things you were born with. Most physical characteristics are nature based; color of hair, color of eyes, specific diseases etc. However, these physical characteristics can be influenced by nurture as well. Nurture is things that you learned or grew to do or become as you lived, affected by the environment around you. For example, a chance of a disease can be affected by your genes, but also of your day to day choices as well.

A study by Cambridge – ‘Nature vs Nurture’ shows that when children of different genders are brought to adults, the adults often automatically suggest the use of the toy that fits the child’s gender. This  means that from a young age, people are always being suggested doing things that are socially thought to be for their gender. This means when they grow up they can end up in a certain way, have many stereotypical traits of their gender. This shows that nurture highly influences the gender behavioural stereotypes. However, the study also tried bringing toys of the different genders to monkeys as well to see if nature influences gender behaviour as well. The female monkeys went to grab the feminine toys and the same for the opposite gender. Hereby nature influences gender behaviour as well.

In conclusion, there is no correct answer to say if behaviour is affected more by nature or nurture, all situations and traits of behaviour are affected by both your genes and the world around you.

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