Blues Improvisation

In music class, we did improvisation for blues. To create this, we had a sheet of riffs we could put onto the 12 bar cycle, we could also use chords to match it. I think this was a very intersting project for me, since I had never played blues before and I found it really interesting how the riffs fir the 12  bar blues cycle so nicely.

Child Labour

There was a lot of child labour a long time ago, but there is still a lot. This blog post will about a 13 year old girl who was a slave in India.

One day, neighbours hear a girl screaming so they looked up and saw girl crying for help. She was 13 and worked was a maid for doctors. They locker her inside the house while they want on a trip to Thailand. Her uncle sold her to a job placement agency which sold her to the doctors.

Firefighters rescued her and the girl described her life of slavery. She was paid nothing and fed almost nothing and beat her if she did something wrong. They used security cameras to make sure she didn’t take any extra food.

People still use child as slaves and treat them badly, other than slaves, they have to mine, farm, fish and be used for other uses. I think this must be ended because children are supposed to get education, not work endless hours forever.

Blues and Improvisation Unit

This unit was about blues. We learned about different kinds of blues, and why people made it.

Delta Blues Memphis Blues Chicago Blues
The melody is upbeat, but slow. It sounds like something that they would play after work. There were only instruments and it sounded like music that would have fit to a movie. The rhythm is upbeat and it sounds more exciting than the others, and the guy sang.

I learned from our guest Steve Gardner about the different types of instruments used in blues, and how people made it because they were sad. I learned that they made the lyrics about their day, and how it is one of the most important important types of music nowdays because it makes up a lot of different kinds of music.

This is the C blues scale

A twelve bar blue is

12 bar blue chords

C Blues scale

Bass line 12 bar blues

Digital Citizen Ship Week

Photo for  litterati

Photo for litterati

This week, we had a digital citizen ship week. We focused on how we used our devices, social network sites, and more. One thing we did was take a survey every morning, for how many Instagram, snapchat, twitter, facebook, Skype posts/calls we made. The results were really surprising, I didn’t know people used social network sites this much. 7th grade, had the most posts for almost everything.

Another thing we did was participate in the litterati challenge. We went around, looked for trash that someone littered, took a photo with Instagram with the hashtag #litterati, than threw or recycled it. I think this was to show awareness of how much people litter, and how much litter you can find, if you just look. I think this raised awareness in this school, that social network apps can also be used in a positive way,

Overall, I think this has been a really productive week. For people who thought social networking sites were bad, they now know that it can also be used in a good way. Also, we learned the advantages and disadvantages of technology, and I think that was very important to learn.

Reflection on South Africa Unit

In this unit we studied racism in South Africa. We explored articles, films and novels about South Africa. This post will be about the difference of those, which one I preferred to learn from the most and how these changed the way I looked at the world.

The ways that the article, film and novel was different was that the article only told facts, nothing made up and held a lot of opinion. But the film and novel held a story, facts joined together with fictional parts which made it more interesting to read/watch but less informative. Also, the novel you could read what they were thinking, so you knew how they felt. The film also showed how they felt, but in a different way, you could tell but looking at their expressions. In the article you could barely tell what they were thinking unless it said something about they said. The ways that these were similar were that they all included partly true facts. So you could learn from everyone of them.

Out of the article, film and novel I preferred watching the film to learn because it was more informative than the novel but still held a lot of information. No one could learn nothing by watching the film. Also I could see what it was like, and could see the peoples expressions. I think this was the most powerful, since people of many ages could watch it, and still kind of get the idea.

One way this unit changed the way I looked at the world was that it made me more aware of racism. Before this unit, I barely knew anything about Africa, since I had never seen it that much before. Know I realise there are place that people were killed because of the color of their skin and how they were treated much much differently. How they used different bus stops, how one race was allowed to go places while the other race wasn’t allowed to leave a place.

Overall, I think this unit has been really informative and interesting. If everyone learnt about this and how it racism is wrong, I think it will raise awareness to fight injustice. Other way to help fight injustice is to be fair to everyone, no matter who they are.

Vegan Diets

People choose to be vegan for health and environmental reasons. They try to make the world a more caring world.

What foods are excluded (not eaten) on this diet?
Vegans don’t eat anything of animal origin – for example fish, meat, eggs, dairy products etc. They also don’t use any animal products either. They believe that animals should live freely without humans interfering their life.

What nutrients are these foods (in part a) a major source of?
Protein, vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin A, fat, iron, zinc, calcium, and magnesium.

Give a suggestion for what foods could be eaten instead of those in part so that people on this diet would still have a balanced diet.
Vegans eat tofu, nuts, nut oil, avocado, coconut to get fat. To get vitamin D they make sure to go out in the sun because you can’t get vitamin D from a vegan diet. Calcium from dark green vegetables, tofu made with calcium sulfate, calcium-fortified soy milk, and many more foods. Protein from lentils, chickpeas, tofu, peas, peanut butter, soy milk, almonds, spinach, rice, whole wheat bread, potatoes and much more.

Journey to Johannesburg Reflection

A part in the book ‘Journey to Jo’burg’ that gave me the clearest image is the part in chapter 2 when Naledi and Tiro were walking to Johannesburg and the ground was burning their feet and the grass scratched their feet. When they were tired and they didn’t want to go on but they went on for Dineo sake. I think the author made a clear image in my mine by saying things like – “Some birds skimmed lightly across the sky as they gazed down at the long road ahead. It stretched into the distance, between fenced-off fields and dry grass, up to another far-off.”

Even though I knew they walked much farther than I’ve probably ever done, I remember a time when I forgot to wear shoes when I was small and I could feel the rocks cutting my skin and burning my feet. Also, people in many countries all over the world have to walk the around without shoes. So their feet get damaged badly.

A question I thought was – I wonder why they thought that they could walk that far? Why did they think they could walk already to Johannesburg with almost no food or water and absolutely no money?

I think the main idea of this book was how white people treat black people badly in South Africa. How they have different bus stops, how they arrest them just because they don’t have a pass. I think this is a message to people to stop racism because what would YOU feel like if you were treated this way.

I think this was a really interesting book. Before I read this I barely knew anything about how bad racism was. But after reading this, I learned how black people in South Africa were treated.

What healthy living means to me

What does a healthy diet look like?

I think a healthy diet has sugars, carbohydrates, protein fats, minerals, vitamins, fibres and water. People should also not eat too much fats, carbohydrates and sugars and eat more vitamins and fibres.

How much exercise should people do?

I think people should exercise at least an hour a day because if they didn’t, most people probably wont burn their energy.

What other considerations should you make?

People should sleep and you should also not smoke because it can affect your health. Also, you shouldn’t always be in place with a lot of pollution, sometime go to a place with clear air to filter out your lungs.