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Niigata Trip 2016

I went to Niigata for the YIS Expedition this year. The main activities were camping, hiking, and all the tasks that come along with it. I learned a lot of things about group management, self-reliance, and relationships. Those were the… Continue Reading →

Space Trash

Lots of satellites are sent up into space. A satellite is an object that orbits the earth. Artificial satellites are used to help look at the earth from a new perspective to help predict the weather, and so on. In… Continue Reading →

Comedy Character Reflection

In comedy, my group ended up changing the entire plot to a restaurant which changed my character from a jokester, to a overconfident boyfriend.  This character was influenced by my group, because they needed this character. However I feel like… Continue Reading →

Prejudice and Perspective – How My Thinking Has Changed

In English class, we have been having a unit on prejudice and perspective. In this unit we studied were … • Stereotypes • First Person • Third Person • Point of View • Grey Area • Empathy • ‘US vs Them’… Continue Reading →

Spanish – Unit 4 Reflection

In Unit 4 I have made many new understandings. I learned how to conjugate verbs into commands, and with that I also leaned how to write impersonal expression using, hay que, tener que, es _______, and so on. I also… Continue Reading →

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