Comedy Timeline

In Drama, we have been studying comedy and what kind of techniques we can use to make it funny and realistic.


It is presumed that comedy started in ancient greece, somewhere in the 5th century. The Aristophanes are Known as the foremost of old comedy. A fairly big amount of comedies had a very weak storyline, therefore the comedy he wrote were simple, and comprehensible. It had all sorts of different kinds of humour. They sometimes made jokes and mocked a few politicians. It was based on your everyday life routine and situations.


In the Medieval period, people in churches tried to maintain all kinds of aspects of comedy to a minimum.


Shakespeare was one of the most well known comedy script writer. Shakespeare is well known for creating some really famous scripts such as Macbeth, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet and loads more. Moreover he has also written a few comedy scripts. Nowadays we see comedy as just something we laugh at and enjoy, but in the renaissance period comedy was that had a strong ending. Commedia dell’arte from Italy was a very famous kind of comedy in which people used a mask for their performance.comedi del arte


Melodramatic comedy was very focused on embellishment and exaggeration. It originated somewher in the 18th century. It still occurs within movies, televison shows and ect. In melodrama, there certain kind of characters that usually existed within melodrama, such as accompany, heroin, hero and a villain.


In Circus comedy one of the most famous kinds of character are clowns, it originated somewher in the middle ages. There such clowns as Arlecchino, usually portrayed by the most famous performer, white faces the ones with the highest status and Auguste the clowns with the lowest status.


Cinematic comedy is nowadays considered pretty old because it mainly appeared in old movies. Given that cinematic required more of a gesture and visual kind of action rather than scripts it was very suitable for silent films.

Charlie Chaplin was one of the most famous actor in cinematic comedy.charlie chaplin



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Como prefieres viajar?

Mi tipo favorito de transporte es en coche, barco o en avión. Yo prefiero ir a la escuela de coche Para ir por la ciudad yo prefiero ir en barco o en coche  Se voy a distancia largas como ir a otro país, Yo prefiero ir de avión.


Mis favoritos tipos de transporte son coche, barco y avión porque los más cómodos y también eses tipos de transporte tienen buenas vistas. Yo prefiero ir a la escuela de coche porque es más cómodo, con espacio exclusivo y aire acondicionado privado. Para ir por la ciudad yo prefiero ir en barco y coche porque estos modos de transporte tienen buenas vistas de la ciudad. Se voy a otro país yo creo que es mucho mejor ir de avión porque es más rápido y más cómodo.


Estos son mis preferencias sobre cómo viajar dependiendo de dónde está mi destino.

Field studies

During field studies I did loads of different activities such as canoeing, rafting, mountain biking and a lot of other group works. I played pool on free time and relaxed from the tiring activities. I think I really got out of my comfort zone because every single thing we did there I was not comfortable with. I think I could use some of the skills which I learned at field studies to apply it to other things in my life such as preparing for a test that could really help because it might help deal with nervousness in a better way.

The differences between Congo and U.S.A

Congo and U.S.A

The Congo rep and the United states are 2 very different countries. One difference which says it all is that Congo is ledc country and the United States is a medc.

These are some of the more detailed contrast between these 2 countries:

Population (Annually) : Congo has a population growth which is a little bit higher than the United States. Congo has 2.5 population growth annually whilst the United States has 1.7 population growth annually.

In this graph  you will see

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 12.34.20 PM

how close the USA and the Congo are.

Key: -Congo blue

-USA yellow

Infant mortality rate(per 1,000 births):

According to the graph it is pretty obvious that the USA has better hospitals and a better environment because the infant mortality rate in the USA is 58 whereas in the Congo it 122 infant mortality rat (per 1,000 births).

GDP per capita-

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 12.24.11 PM

Key: – Congo blue

– USA yellow


Fertility Rate: The Congo has Higher fertility rate because according to Gap minder it has a 5 children per woman when the USA has only 2 per women.


Life expectancy: The biggest which I found using gap minder about these 2 countries is the life expectancy. The USA has  a life expectancy of 61 years and Congo only has 47 years. Which the USA is a lot more developed, has better hospitals, better infrastructure and better food for the people that live in the country.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 12.58.16 PM

This graph displays the contrast of life expectancy between Congo and the USA



Spanish Unit reflection

I think I did really well in this unit because I got grades in all of my assignment and my goal for next unit is to not confuse with portuguese because portuguese and spanish are 2 very similar languages but not the same so I need to be sure if I am actually using spanish and not using portuguese.

Field studies

I think that I will expand my comfort zone a lot because through the meetings, forms and discussions I realised that I will I have 1 week without doing anything which I feel comfortable doing. So I definitely think I will have a higher comfort zone then I had before. I hope I enjoy it but I am very concerned about the rules that will be established during field studies, because I think it is going to affect me a lot.