Spanish – SLC

1- How did you feel during the learning experience? Why did you feel this way?

I feel like I was struggling at first like doing the conjugations and forming sentences out of it, but I do think that I am much better doing it now than I was before (past tense). Maybe because I gave up on myself and didn’t push hard enough. I think now all I have to do is practice and learn more vocab/commands and form sentences.

2-Write a headline of no more than 10 words to summarise your learning this unit.

I command you to command

3-How is what you have learned relevant to other classes/material you are learning?

since recently we have been learning about other Spanish speaking countries I can put what I have learnt about that into my I&S class because that is what we have been kind of looking into recently.

4- What are 7 ways what you learned is like Harry Potter, Star Wars, or another movie of your choice?

(I have change)

In a lot of movies – Nothing in particular – there is a lot of heartbreak (Realisation of what Spanish needs to be learnt and done) and then there’s the journey of the lovers finding each other (The all-nighters trying to push your way through of studying and the hours of practicing) and then lastly when they are back together and in love (You feel proud of yourself that you have accomplished and learnt something)

That is the Spanish class representation in a movie storyline.

Spanish Reflection

This is my Spanish reflection.

I think there are a couple things I did well but also there are something I wish I did that I didn’t, But now I know I can improve on it and do it next semester. I did well with responding and communicating in class when needed. I also took notes when I didn’t know something. Either in my book or on the paper we were writing on. A skill that I think I’m really good at is reading, but skills I could improve on is writing and speaking.

Because when writing I don’t remember sentence structures and new vocab. And when it comes to speaking pronunciation is hard, but easy to sound out. A couple things I could improve on is checking my work before handing it in to the teacher. So then this could improve my grade on the final workpiece.

Spanish – SMART Goals

These are my Goals for the next year

  1. I want to start writing down everything I learn during class and when I am studying for a test/exam – This will improve my memory and maybe make spanish one of my top subjects. This should last the year, but will check my notes every month to see what I can do differently 9
  2. Speak up in class when I think I know the answer to start taking more risks – This will hopefully help me got some confidence
  3. Ask if my homework/project is ok and get advise on t before handing it in – this will help me get higher grades and have more accuracy

Drama, advertisment


Hey! this is our advertisement we did in drama class 🙂 this is just a small reflection


I think that from this, I can kind of grow out of my skin a bit, because I usually like a casual talk and I don’t usually like being out there and bold and I’m not really a very confident speaker I don’t like being out there, because when I am nervous my voice shakes and so does my body so this is very different for me and would defiantly make me grow as a public speaker, I wish I did this last year because of the sports awards, that could even happen again.  Anything I think we could improve on? Maybe everyone being a bit louder and making it more interesting by adding some things in, But I honestly think that we did really well. And I think that our idea and building of that and adding all the things that is needed to be done was done and we did think through  them

Drama – persuasive speech

Hey everyone, today we made a persuasive video 🙂

This is my reflection 🙂


How I felt I did my speech.

I feel like i did really well on eye contact with the audience and kind of having a relaxed an casual conversation while still talking about my topic in a serious well. I like my hand gestures while talking I think it adds a lot to getting the listeners attention

To what I’m saying and how, I think my points are pretty strong and have good enough reason to try convince people. I have a topic a lot of people from all ages could listen to and I think that what I created was strong and not really boring

 How could I use a persuasive speech in my life now and in the future.

I could defiantly use this skill in more than one area of my life. First of all jobs, you need to convince the people you want to be working for why you are eligible for this job and convince them that you are the best at what you do. I feel like this one is the most important one of all because if you screw it up or have a bad impression from not saying he right things or even not good eye contact or little things like that you could get fired or not accepted.

Parents, maybe in the future you will need to convince them to do somethings?

convincing your  teacher maybe you need a better grade and should get a higher grad

Why it is important to learn about speeches?


Because you will be doing speeches in different areas of your life, in school or it could even be apart of your job. In school you could be giving a presentation and could be graded on aural. You will be giving more than one speech like informational speeches, persuasive speeches a whole lot of different type of speeches, and learning about the basics now can really help us build our skills and learn new ways to be comfortable when giving them. When giving speeches, as in its your job you need to get it done right first and always have that skill so when learning and making a speech for one thing you don’t need to worry about being scared or nervous or even scared of messing up because you don’t know how to present one.


Elevator Scene – Drama

Elevator scene – Tessa, Carlene, Shaulon, Everest

I feel like my group and I worked really well and productively. We all added ideas into the group and created something together rather than one person making up the script and moods or actions and things like that. We all had our opinions and created a great show and what I think as a good graded performance. For me personally I feel like I added good examples and actions of my attitude.

At the beginning of the play I was shy and didn’t want to talk to anyone but through progress in the show I got mad and showed a different side of my character.  Since I was shy my vocals were not clear and quiet. But then my well displayed vocals raised and was in a very aggressive way. So aggressive I kicked down the door of the elevator at the end. But at the beginning I was hiding myself in the corner of the elevated being a very closed person. I was no stereotype I was a creation of a character.

I feel like the challenge areas was making progress with this character. the more I add the more I go to know this character but I didn’t know how to place it into the play. I didn’t know how to change the status or attitude of this character well. I could improve on

8A 3 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Expanding my Comfort Zone – G8 Field Studies

Hey! I had field studies not that long ago and I swear each year just gets better because this one is the best one I have ever experienced. In this Field Studies we all tried getting out of our comfort zones – Here is what I thought about it and something I found challenging <3


Rafting – I never thought of rafting as a team building experience, But I was very wrong. There were so many commands that if you all did them at separate times nothing would work and we would get no where. I learnt that with out teamwork and working together is crucial when you need to get from one place to another. When working on this activity it is so important to have a leader in the sense that someone needed to say the commands and like 1 2, 1 2, 1 2,  so everyone else knows what to do and when. And incase of an emergency if we don’t help one another there will not be someone that will help you like when you fall off.

Rock climbing – Rock climbing was always a personal activity to me but in Field Studies I learned otherwise. You do need to work physically up the wall which is only something you can do. But for people like me it is also a mental activity because I have Altophobia, which is a phobia of heights. I really couldn’t even make it half way up the wall without the people below me cheering me on. I learnt that friends are always there for you when you are struggling. Another thing I learnt during rock climbing is that the person and the bottom that you are attached to helping you up has a lot of control over you. We made that a completely different activity. Bring someone down wasn’t just bringing them down. It was a whole lot of hanging them and trying to keep yourself on the floor. which is one of my favorite memories. I learnt that having friends are so important for a good laugh and helping you get out of hard situations.

Canoeing – To me it feels like the same as raft. I learnt that working together can have a reward like not falling into the freezing cold water and having water fights with people in different boats. People that I don’t usually talk to that much out side of class. I found myself smiling the whole time I was out there and found that I didn’t even want to get off at the end of the day. I also learned that trusting new people builds new relationships and a happier one too.







Wow, My comfort is so small, but when FS was over it expanded a lot! Like heights and I don’t go well together and a lot of the activities include that. Some ways I got out of my comfort zone was to jut not over think it or to not spend all night thinking about ways things could go bad. I just went with the flow and followed my friends and found comfort in my friends advise and actions towards me. Personally I feel like its very hard for me getting out of my comfort zone alone.

I found that rock climbing was challenging because for years I have tried it and have never succeeded. And I found that no one could actually help me but yell at me what to do from bellow me from a perspective I couldn’t see from mine. That one was really one that stuck out. But for canyoning something that was hard was also the heights. Wow being lowed down a 20 meter waterfall is something super scary that I would of never done if my other friend that was also scared of heights did it first (and didn’t die)

What did I find helpful through challenges? Friends. I don’t really need to write much but friends and comfort from them. They get me through everything. I couldn’t do it without them. And also making new ones give me even more comfort because I always learn new things about them and some times they have something in common with me which comforts me like ‘don’t worry you not alone’.

When you are going through something bad or you are struggling to try something new (Get out of your comfort zone) Don’t feel like you have to do it alone because even a laugh or a smile can help. I can use what I learnt in school like if I’m struggling to understand something ask for help.

Field studies was amazing and I can’t wait for next year. Thanks! <3