Electronic Cigarettes (E-cigarettes)

Electronic Cigarettes are really popular in the younger generation and but also used by young adults. The younger generation is used mainly to fit in and to look cool. There is no purpose or medical advantage in using them. 39% of people that use it claim to use it because a friend or family member uses it too. 31% of people are attracted by the availability of flavours ranging from mint to chocolate to fruits. Lastly, the other 17.1% of people use it as an alternative to smoking because they believe that the damage is less harmful than using other forms of tobacco etc.

Using electronic cigarettes are overall yes a better alternative to smoking however proven by many medical online sources there are many serious health problems that can come out of it. I believe that if you are planning to slowly quit smoking cigarettes then using E-cigarettes can be a better short-term alternative before quitting. However, if you are planning to use them short term then you should be aware of the health dangers to your respiratory system. To make smoking E-cigarettes more enjoyable they add in flavourings to replace the tobacco, but those chemicals inside the flavourings affect the white blood cells inside your lungs which leads to further damage to the tissue inside. According to Reuters (an online medical website), the consequences can be: “lead to wide range of lung problems including fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, and asthma”.

So what exactly happens to your lungs, the nicotine and flavouring can cause some inflammation of the lung tissue. Thus leading it to decrease its reliability to serve as a barrier to other unnecessary substances inhaled. Additionally, E-cigarettes can make it hard for your body to kill off germs leading you to have flu-like symptoms, This can be noticed after only 2 weeks of smoking them.

Some Doctors say that because of this smoking E-cigarettes would be no better than smoking real cigarettes. However, going into further research scientists had collected that actually, E-cigarettes have no medical record in hospitals as a result of being enrolled compared to cigarettes.

So because of all these reasonings and more use E-cigarettes over real ones. They aren’t addictive because they use flavouring as an alternative cutting down the risk of addiction. Not only that but they are also 55% cheaper than buying a packet. This is because they last longer and only have to be charged. They can be charged up to 250-300 times and tend to last around 2 years, unlike cigarettes. Lastly, they are also good for the environment because they don’t release toxic smoke with around 7000 chemicals into the air.


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Spanish – SMART Goals

These are my Goals for the next year

  1. I want to start writing down everything I learn during class and when I am studying for a test/exam – This will improve my memory and maybe make spanish one of my top subjects. This should last the year, but will check my notes every month to see what I can do differently 9
  2. Speak up in class when I think I know the answer to start taking more risks – This will hopefully help me got some confidence
  3. Ask if my homework/project is ok and get advise on t before handing it in – this will help me get higher grades and have more accuracy

Expanding my Comfort Zone – G8 Field Studies

Hey! I had field studies not that long ago and I swear each year just gets better because this one is the best one I have ever experienced. In this Field Studies we all tried getting out of our comfort zones – Here is what I thought about it and something I found challenging <3


Rafting – I never thought of rafting as a team building experience, But I was very wrong. There were so many commands that if you all did them at separate times nothing would work and we would get no where. I learnt that with out teamwork and working together is crucial when you need to get from one place to another. When working on this activity it is so important to have a leader in the sense that someone needed to say the commands and like 1 2, 1 2, 1 2,  so everyone else knows what to do and when. And incase of an emergency if we don’t help one another there will not be someone that will help you like when you fall off.

Rock climbing – Rock climbing was always a personal activity to me but in Field Studies I learned otherwise. You do need to work physically up the wall which is only something you can do. But for people like me it is also a mental activity because I have Altophobia, which is a phobia of heights. I really couldn’t even make it half way up the wall without the people below me cheering me on. I learnt that friends are always there for you when you are struggling. Another thing I learnt during rock climbing is that the person and the bottom that you are attached to helping you up has a lot of control over you. We made that a completely different activity. Bring someone down wasn’t just bringing them down. It was a whole lot of hanging them and trying to keep yourself on the floor. which is one of my favorite memories. I learnt that having friends are so important for a good laugh and helping you get out of hard situations.

Canoeing – To me it feels like the same as raft. I learnt that working together can have a reward like not falling into the freezing cold water and having water fights with people in different boats. People that I don’t usually talk to that much out side of class. I found myself smiling the whole time I was out there and found that I didn’t even want to get off at the end of the day. I also learned that trusting new people builds new relationships and a happier one too.







Wow, My comfort is so small, but when FS was over it expanded a lot! Like heights and I don’t go well together and a lot of the activities include that. Some ways I got out of my comfort zone was to jut not over think it or to not spend all night thinking about ways things could go bad. I just went with the flow and followed my friends and found comfort in my friends advise and actions towards me. Personally I feel like its very hard for me getting out of my comfort zone alone.

I found that rock climbing was challenging because for years I have tried it and have never succeeded. And I found that no one could actually help me but yell at me what to do from bellow me from a perspective I couldn’t see from mine. That one was really one that stuck out. But for canyoning something that was hard was also the heights. Wow being lowed down a 20 meter waterfall is something super scary that I would of never done if my other friend that was also scared of heights did it first (and didn’t die)

What did I find helpful through challenges? Friends. I don’t really need to write much but friends and comfort from them. They get me through everything. I couldn’t do it without them. And also making new ones give me even more comfort because I always learn new things about them and some times they have something in common with me which comforts me like ‘don’t worry you not alone’.

When you are going through something bad or you are struggling to try something new (Get out of your comfort zone) Don’t feel like you have to do it alone because even a laugh or a smile can help. I can use what I learnt in school like if I’m struggling to understand something ask for help.

Field studies was amazing and I can’t wait for next year. Thanks! <3



Characterization spirit day

Today was spirt day at YIS.

It was ‘dress as your favourite character’ In english we looked at what is it about our characters that makes us like them so much.

i’ve chosen peeta from hunger games to examine. I like peeta because he  cares.

Peeta is characterised as a sweet and loving person through his actions.

He wants to make sure that the people he cares about make it out alive. There was a scene where him and katniss were talking about what they would do without each other. Peeta gave her a gift and says your family needs you. She was about to cry. He looks away and says nobody need me. That moment when he says that you know that somebody needs him and that he wants to make sure that when its time he goes and not her. Of corse they love each other and then katniss says I need you. That line sums up a whole bunch emotions.

I also like him because he’s there fore katniss she screamed and he completely stopped what he was doing and ran as fast as he could to her because he is really caring and sweet. I love his personality his looks and his everything.

Fact or Fiction – Reading journey to Jo’burg – English


Chapter 7 – Mma

The introdution

This book is a roller coaster of emotion for the characters. This book is a part of many terrible life’s. They are on a rescue mission for their sibling. They face terrible and amazing people. They look at the world a whole different way. They don’t like what they see but they will do it for their sister that is on the edge of dying.

A very clear and interesting part in the book for me is when they arrive at a giant house and saw their mum working for these white people. The author really make the image for me clear, I can imagine everything going on with each detail. She talks about how the house looks like and how their mum was working. With each detail told you could imagine even more. There was a sign that made them frighten that read “BEWARE OF DOG”

I had a big connection with this bit but in a different scene. I felt connected to this because when I am going to a place I have never been to before I get kinda unconforable and scared because it is a new shrouding and I might be going there to meet a family member that I haven’t seen in ages. I think about what I am meant to say and how I am meant to introduce myself. In the story they are following directions to find where their mum is working. I feel like I am the girl.

I really think that this is showing that it is important to have someone there that you can go to and that can help you. But on the other hand what really stood out to me is how the person she was working for was treating her. She wasn’t the nicest person and she would only allow her a week off. since apartheid was happening during this time I think that the whites are not treating the blacks the way they should. They house was amazing and the mum worked alot there.

I do think that this might not be as important as any of the other chapters but this does stand out to me.

What healthy living means to me?

Healthy to me means that having a balance life. Not just in sports not just in school but also when you are eating/drinking. There are 6 things in what you are eating that is healthy:

– Fats

– Water

– carbon hydrates

– protein

– minerals

– some thing else

these are some main things that you need to have a balanced eating with. I think it is ok to have unhealthy stuff like bad fats to eat occasionally but all the time can effect your digestion system and your heart. Keeping you heart rate balanced and making sure you have the right things like iron in you blood stream is important and effects everything going around in your system.

I think exercising is important. but too much can really make you too skinny. It could effect your eating pattern or your sleeping pattern when you are taking a break.

Everyone is different and has their own ways of being healthy. Make sure your way is effective enough to make a difference.


Hi everyone

Today I will be telling/showing the books I have been reading and

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 1.00.46 PM






Amulet #1:

A normal family moving into a normal house (Thats what they think) and trying to move on from the past. As cleaning fun a strange necklace left for their great granfarthers past. That amulet takes them into a some like different dimension and takes them on an adventure trying to save the mums life.

This story I can relate personally because it is really about a girl that moves to a new house/place and discovers new things and goes on different adventure. I moved to unfamiliar place (Japan from Singapore) and learned new things, Like culture and about the school ETC… I met new creature that are now my closest things in the world. The Girl in the story is going through a-lot of things in life but some how she gets over them and thats kinds me.

I can relate this story with many others because in like many stories the main character goes through a-lot of ups and downs in life and they are always having trouble but they always push/try hard and they get over them, with some help. They are never alone and they always find a rainbow after the storm.

I always think with the weird and cool creatures they all have different stories and personalities. They remind me of my friends. They make me feel different emotions and make me want to see more of them. They are all different shapes and sizes, different colours and feelings and thats what makes me love them.

Overal, this book/series are amazing and make me want to read/know more I really recommend reading them and they are defiantly relatable.  Thank you for reading and I really want your feedback about the book in a comment. Thank you. Read me soon :p

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 1.00.14 PM



P.E. S.M.A.R.T

Hi guys

I haven’t been posting fun things for a long while but I will soon. But for today I will be showing you my S.M.A.R.T Goals.


I want to go to Mr. T after a lesson arround 1-2 every couple of weeks asking how I have been doing in class and what I can improve on. I think it is important for me to day this because it will really bring up my grades and will really up my skills. I want to push hard in this unit in P.E. because it is something I have never tried before and it is new and interesting for me.


S: I think that my goal is S.M.A.R.T  because it really has me going active and it really will make me think and move. This will last for quite a while and it is defiantly sustainable

M: My S.M.A.R.T goal will be working. I will do it for 1-2 every 2 weeks because then I can get feed back and then I have a week and a bit to then work on improving and learning new skills.

A: I can manage to do this but I think I might forget but after a while I can get use to it and then I can get better in P.E. This is great. I can mange it very well.

R: I am going to do this for almost the whole time. I will be short tearm but if it is going good, I think I might do it for longer

T: I am planning to do this with Mr. Thomas 1-2 every 2nd week. I think that this will last a long time and I will not have any problems with this


Tutor S.M.A.R.T GOAL

Community work

I want to help pick up gomi with my friends around the school. I could go around the school and help the cleaners. My friends and I would go around to different parts of the school and help each cleaner. Once a week like an afterschool activity. Maybe 10-15 people can join and we can make a plan. I think this would be achievable because lots of people I know really don’t like walking around and seeing trash or watching the cleaners do it for us. I think if we can make it an after school activity than we can make it work. This is important to me because I really feel bad when I see other people cleaning up someone else’s rubbish when we should work in a community to make it clean and to keep it clean. I want to try and maybe make it into an activity for next semester for one semester to see how it works out and if I think it goes smoothly than I think we should keep the activity running. This is a great YIS community base action because we can show/prove that YIS is a great community and that we help clean up and that we make each other happy.


Academic Work

Get good grades in Art and to Feel proud in each art work I do. I want to be able to do this by the end next semester. Because I love doing art it is one of my passions. At school I want to talk to Mr. Martinez sometimes about what I could do better and why.Once in a while go to Mr. Martinez and ask him. Yes because we are doing our big project now and I can learn from that and it should be done before Xmas. Yes. I do think this is achievable. I want to achieve this by the end of next semester.

2 Weeks With The Queen: Reflection (My Thoughts) |English

In English we read an amazing book/play called 2 weeks with the queen. Honestly please go and read it it is a great and interesting book that will make you think almost all the time “What?!?! Why?!?! What happens next”

(If you don’t want to know what happens or want to read it your self than don’t read the following.)

There was so many cliff hangers but the major one that really stuck out to me was when (Don’t read it might spoil it!) Ted come up to Collin and talks about Luke and how he is un curable.

The second before he says that and how the book is describing his face makes it like whats going to happen next and etc.

When Ted come up to Collin and says (With the doctor next to him)  “This doctor is the number one cancer expert  and he has got Luke” and Collin replays with “Great” “Its not as easy as you think… Luke can not be cured” -or something like that

Collin did not believe everything and anything they said he was just shouting at them. He wasn’t being very mature because shouting saying that they are wrong is not good, and al he wanted to do was help Luke and he felt helpless and no where near home. He must of felt terrible. He was shouting (Sorry for the language) BULL! over and over again.

I learnt that being in collins perspective is not easy because being sent away from your brother and not being able to help him and cant be with him must feel terrible. knowing that your brothers going to die and you are not with him is probably the worst feeling in the world.

The relationship between Collin and ted is amazing. They both have the same problem and they both need a little TLC (Tend A Loving Care) They have increased and have always been there for  each other. When Griff died, (Teds husband, and yes they are gay)  when Collin wanted help for luke and when Ted got bullied and beated up for being gay.