GCD Artistic Expression

In pursuing this artistic endeavour, I have developed many habits. First of all, my posture has improved vastly. Prior to dance, I always bent my back and never stood up straight which hugely affected my neck and shoulder pain. This would’ve become a large problem if I hadn’t started dance and would’ve affected my everyday life. As of now, I still feel pain in my neck and shoulder but a lot less. Because I bike everyday to go to school, Japanese class and dance practice, I use my neck and shoulder strength a lot as I live on the top of a hill and I have to walk my bike up every time I come back. In regards to this, posture has helped me so much because if I were to walk up the hill with a bad posture it could’ve affected my breathing which would’ve required me to use a lot more strength. As well as that, I have developed a habit of paying close attention to people’s body language and behaviour. In dance, every part of your body is important therefore it requires you to pay attention to close detail. Because of this, I have learnt to be more observant which has lead to many benefits that I did not know would be beneficial to me! This has taught me to be more aware of the other person’s mood which has lead to more efficient conversations and also helps me to earn the other person’s respect. I think that this is significant because sometimes people might be busy or they do not want to talk which is why taking notice to body language and posture is important! This will also be a good skill to carry on for later in life especially during interviews. These are examples of how dance has affected my everyday life and taught me skills other than just technique! However, there are also some minor bad habits that have affected me. For example in dance we usually count to 8 so sometimes when normal people count past 8 I forget and mess up. As well as that, we have to have our feet turned out so it is known that ballet dancers walk like a waddled duck. Also, whenever I do something on one side I feel like I need to do the exact same thing on the other side. For example, when I pick up a pen I always have to reach down on the other side too because I am paranoid that one side will be more stretched out. These things are really minor but are some changes that I have noticed in my everyday behavior after I started dance!


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  1. Thank you for sharing this An – it is a concise, genuine and very interesting story about your relationship with dancing. You definitely showed resilience and motivation in the face of the hardships you have experienced. Despite these, you demonstrate perseverance through a sustained commitment to improving and finding new aspects of dance. You did mention some points about how central dance has become central to your life and that it defines you as a person. I would like to know a little more about this. In particular, what habits and/or practices have specifically developed for you in pursuing this artistic endeavour? If you can answer this question then I can approve this post for GCD – artistic expression.

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